image of tribal ceremony

Time To Dance the Salmon Home

This summer a Tribal ceremony celebrated the return of sacred fish, lost for generations.

Bison as beings of decolonization

How the Bison Became a Being of Decolonization 

Tens of millions of bison once roamed North America until ranchers decimated their numbers. But today, Indigenous-led projects are restoring the bison and their ecosystems.

toxic water testing

‘This Is Absurd’: Train Cars That Derailed in Ohio Were Labeled Non-Hazardous

Ohio Department of Natural Resources has confirmed 3,500 dead fish in waterways as well as deceased hellbender salamanders, an endangered species in the state. 

12 Climate Solutions

12 Solutions to Climate Change

Here are 12 of the most effective ways to fix climate change. Everyone can help.

community farm

In California, Water Wars Threaten Local Food Systems

Water disputes can harm community food systems. But resolving these fights is no simple feat.

gen z

‘Hope Always Comes From the People’: Gen Z’s New Language of Resistance

Under Gen Z’s guidance, the climate movement has grown during the pandemic, with younger, bolder leaders emerging from all over the world.


Yearning for Utopia: A Review of Half Earth Socialism

The new book by Drew Pendergrass and Troy Vettese details a plan to save the future from extinction, climate change, and pandemics.

calf in a green land

New Documentary Transforms Cows From Methane Machines to Sentient Beings

In Cow, a documentary filmed over four years on a British dairy farm, director Andrea Arnold explores what it means for Luma, a farmed animal, to be truly seen.

man face behind leaves

How a Radical New Approach to Gardening Is Helping Communities of Color Heal

In Britain, Black people and people of color’s ability and desire to connect with the land is complicated. But those wounds are finally beginning to heal.

aerial view of pig farm

Watch: What It’s Like to Live Next to a Factory Farm

A 2020 film by Greenpeace tells the story of Michel Pouret-Frydendahl and his neighbors, who live near three intensive pig farms in Denmark. No other country in the world produces more pigs per capita.

Decolonizing Sustainability: Food Sovereignty, Animal Liberation, and Land Justice

Sustainability is a conflicted term. Instead of asking how we can make the food system more sustainable, we should be asking, sustainable for whom?

man sitting in front of greenhouse

Can a Wildlife Refuge Help a Community’s Fight for Environmental Justice?

In Albuquerque’s South Valley, activists are happy for more green space but worry about how gentrification will affect their local ecosystem.

Turns Out Humans Aren’t So Great After All

The pandemic and ongoing climate crisis have shown us that humans are no better for the survival of the planet than any other species. In many ways, they’re worse.

Boat on the water

Corporate Corruption in Global Fishing Gets New Attention

Few industries harbor greater levels of fraud, bribery, tax evasion, weapons trafficking, and oil dumping than international fishing.

Conservation or Culture: The Fight for Nigeria’s Future

Meet the Nigerians who are challenging tradition: from innovative plant-based chefs to conservationists who rescue wildlife from meat markets and poachers, allowing them to thrive in safety.

climate protest activists

Climate Protests Move Online Amid Pandemic

In a year of unprecedented social and environmental upheaval, activist groups are scrambling to predict how the pandemic will play out.

jasmine leyva speaking

Why the Climate Movement Is Failing Us: From A Black Woman Who Doesn’t Trust Science

Jasmine Leyva, director of The Invisible Vegan, unpacks the complicated relationship between people of color and the climate movement.

Animal Rebellion arrest

Animal Rebellion Protester Arrested Outside Old Bailey in London

In a sweeping act of defiance, the protester spray-painted the side of the UK’s Central Criminal Court. Someone shouted, “Hey, you know you’re going to get arrested?” But that was entirely the point.

cow manure odor

There’s No Covering Up the Awful Smell of Factory Farming

The neighbors of factory farms are choking on toxic gases produced by farm animals, and the farmers know it. In September, a $400 million dollars lawsuit shut down the largest hog farm in the world.

Coronado Farms water

Big Ag Is Leaving Sulphur Springs Valley Residents Without Water to Drink

Big Ag is the largest groundwater user in Sulphur Springs Valley, AZ—and it’s not slowing…