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Sentient Media’s 2023 Summer Book and Podcast Guide

Looking for a few intriguing summer reads and podcasts to deepen your understanding of the food system? We’ve got you covered.

Veganism is not anti-Indigenous

Veganism Is Not Anti-Indigenous

Advocates for humans, animals and our ecosystems are natural allies in the fight against oppressive colonial structures.

Indigenous Voices for Saving Animals and Earth

Indigenous Voices for Saving Animals and Earth

Indigenous Voices for Saving Animals and Earth is a series of essays from Indigenous peoples illuminating perspectives on the past and future.

How opting out of meat can restore mauri or life essence

How Opting Out of Meat Can Restore Mauri – Life Essence – in Aotearoa  

Grass-roots activists and larger Māori organizations are working to introduce and restore “te ao Māori” at a national government level.

Should animal groups serve meat

Should Animal Protection Groups Serve Meat?

What we eat — even at galas and special events — has an impact on the planet and animals.


Could Veganism Solve World Hunger?

Increasing adoption of vegan diets and curbing food waste are two powerful ways to combat world hunger

Misty rescue fox

What an Animal Investigator Learned From 50 Years of Undercover Work

Mike Huskisson spent 50 years as an undercover investigator documenting acts of animal cruelty that the public had never seen before.

Sentient Media Podcast with Monique Koch

Sentient Media Podcast: Progression Over Perfection with Monique Koch

In this episode, Monique Koch shares her story including her take on unlearning habits and beliefs and how the representation of vegans in the media has changed.


Sentient Media Joins Lush Cosmetics Charity Pots Program

Sentient Media is now featured on Charity Pots at over 250 Lush Cosmetics Stores in the United States.

feral cats

Hawaii’s Cats Are in Danger

Companion animals and the state’s feral cat population are at risk.

baby dairy cow

Martin’s Act at 200 — Reflecting on the First Animal Welfare Law

The first animal welfare act in modern history had its flaws, but it also galvanized action.


Bigger Protests, Higher Stakes: Peruvian Animal Rights Activist Speaks Out

“I found people with beautiful hearts who give everything for animal advocacy,” says Hillary Cabrera Gavilán, who first got involved when she was 19.

woman fruit

Plant-Based Foods Owe Recent Success to Global South

Plant-based foods owe much of their recent success to the Global South. Young people are embracing this rich culinary history as an instrument of change.

i film heroes

Sentient Media Spotlight: Cristian and Ariana Rubén of i Film Heroes

Check out the first interview from our new series, Sentient Media Spotlight, that celebrates people making a profound impact in their communities.


Sentient Media Welcomes Award-Winning Journalist Jenny Splitter

We are excited to announce Jenny Splitter as the new Managing Editor of Sentient Media. Her writing has been seen in Vox, the Guardian, and Popular Mechanics, among others.

Orange and white world map with farmed animals

30 Days, 100 Voices: Sign Up for Sentient Media’s Limited Edition Newsletter

This special edition newsletter features facts and figures about inequality and injustice in global food systems from over 100 individuals in 17 different countries around the world.

jessica scott reid

Sentient Media Podcast: A Conversation With Advocate Journalist Jessica Scott-Reid

In this episode, award-winning journalist Jessica Scott-Reid discusses the challenges of reporting on farmed animals for mainstream media.


Most Publications Show Clear Bias When Reporting on Animals

Media bias goes far beyond the pages of newspapers and websites. It feeds a culture and legal system that allows animal suffering to go unnoticed.

Cows grazing in a green field

Join Sentient Media’s Spring Donation Drive

With your help, we can continue reporting on industrial animal agriculture and its impacts.

operating table

Inside the Pig Heart Transplant and Ethical Dilemma That Followed

David Bennett died two months after having a pig heart transplanted into his body, leaving doctors more questions than answers about the future of this “groundbreaking” technology.

person writing, yellow background

Sharpen Your Writing Skills With Sentient Media’s 30-Day Challenge

Want to become a better writer? Join our 30-Day Writing Challenge.

jenny splitter journalist

Sentient Media Podcast: Unlocking Curiosity With Journalist Jenny Splitter

In this episode, award-winning journalist Jenny Splitter shares her experiences reporting on everything from insect farming to optimism and manure.

America map

Dairy in the Americas: How Colonialism Left Its Mark on the Continent

The first cows arrived on the continent with Columbus on his second voyage in 1493. For many, milk is as much a drink as it is a symbol of their colonial past.

Cow and calf at SAFE sanctuary

The Cruelest Part of Dairy Farming Is Totally Legal

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the inherent cruelty behind dairy farming, but farmers are quick to come to its defense.

Introducing the Anti-Racist Animal Advocates Group by Sentient Media

Advance your language and thinking around Black veganism and anti-racist practices in the Writers’ Collective new cohort.

animal trafficking

How Animal Trafficking Became One of the Most Lucrative Industries on the Planet

Animal trafficking is considered to be one of the most profitable illegal activities in the world. Monkeys, tigers, and pangolins are all heavily trafficked.

abstract shapes

Sentient Media 2021 Year in Review: Wins, Losses, and the Road Ahead

This year, we continued our mission to create transparency around the use of animals in our daily lives⁠—from food to companionship to laboratory test subjects.

animal rights activists

Animal Rights Activists: Who They Are and What They Do

An animal rights activist is a person who seeks to reduce non-human animal suffering. Want to learn more about animal rights activism? We’ve got you covered.

Towards a Plant-Based Future: An Interview With Mark Pearson and Emma Hurst

Emma Hurst and Mark Pearson, members of Australia’s Animal Justice Party, sat down with Sentient Media to discuss their vision for a plant-based future.

HSI team member Sayara Thurston in a truck transporting animals to safety from a puppy mill.

Puppy Mills: What Are They and Why Are They Still Legal?

Puppy mills breed dogs that are twice as likely to be fearful of other people. This is one of the many reasons why advocates are calling for their closure.

Animal Abuse: How to Recognize and Report Animal Cruelty

Animal abuse often happens right before our eyes, but many people don’t know if what they’re seeing constitutes animal abuse or how to report it when they do.

Live crab and lobster poster

Meet John Oberg: Social Media Influencer for the Animals

Animal protectors come in many different forms. John Oberg takes his advocacy to Twitter and other viral platforms to make an impact.

circle of activist

Six Animal Rights Activists Were Arrested in Ontario. What Happened?

The arrests came just hours before a planned demonstration, organized by global animal rights group Meat The Victims, was supposed to take place at a turkey breeding facility in Ontario.

Sentient Media Podcast: Christopher “Soul” Eubanks on TikTok, Social Justice, and New Narratives in Animal Advocacy

From TikTok to racism in animal advocacy, this episode of the Sentient Media Podcast explores the need for a new approach to end oppression for all.

No-Kill Shelters Are Sweeping the Nation. That’s a Good Thing, Right?

No-kill sounds like a worthy goal for animal shelters, but it doesn’t come without controversy. Learn what no-kill means, why some are against it, and what you can do to help these animals.


Raising Vegans: Parents Counter Big Ag’s Influence in the Classroom

Vegans see the world differently, even from a young age. Jessica Scott-Reid shares some of the challenges of raising her daughter, who just started kindergarten, vegan.

dog between legs

Designer Dogs: Cute or Cruel?

We claim to love our furry friends, yet we manipulate their bodies to meet our criteria of what is “cute” or desirable, often at great cost to their health and well-being.

cat and woman lying face to face

Why We Love Some Animals and Eat Others

Animals are a big part of our everyday lives. Join us as we explore the uncomfortable question: Why do we love some animals and harm others?

animal rights

Animal Rights: The Simple Idea That Sparked a Movement

Animal rights is a revolutionary idea and social movement that requires humans to reexamine their relationship with animals, especially animals used for food.

What’s Wrong With Veganism?

In a world where nearly 7 billion people choose to eat meat and other animal products, the decision to go vegan solves very little. What comes next makes all the difference.

chef aj

Sentient Media Podcast: Chef AJ and the Future of Food and Plant-Based Cooking

In this episode of the Sentient Media Podcast, we meet whole food plant-based Chef AJ to hear her thoughts on cultivated meat and the future of food.

animal cruelty

Animal Cruelty: What You Can Do Right Now to Prevent It

Animal cruelty often happens in plain sight, but it can be hard to recognize. Here are a few strategies to combat cruelty against animals in all its forms.

vintage microphones with blue filter

Announcing the Sentient Media Journalism Fund

A new $10,000 fund for writers from communities underrepresented in the animal protection movement and/or journalism who wish to report on farmed animals.

A transmasculine person sitting in a park and smiling

People of the Global Majority Are an Integral Part of the Vegan Movement

Not only is increasing the movement’s diversity a moral imperative, it’s the best way to ensure that the movement maintains relevancy in an increasingly diverse world.

Comparative illustration of healthy food and junk food

New Documentary Hopes to Bring Vegans and Meat-Eaters Together

Meat and dairy have become central tenets of today’s climate culture wars. A promising new documentary, Meat Me Halfway, looks to diffuse the situation.

Farm animals on a world map

Join Sentient Media’s Special Edition 30-Day Newsletter

The Sentient Media Social Media Fellowship is hosting a 30-day newsletter where you can learn more about global food systems from the perspective of 100 individuals in 12 different countries.

A cow in a dairy barn.

More Slaughterhouses Is Not the Solution

Small, family-run abattoirs have been described as ‘cornerstones’ of sustainable meat production but a new investigation from the UK nonprofit Animal Justice Project paints a different picture.

Jo Anderson from Faunalytics

Sentient Media Podcast: Jo Anderson of Faunalytics Discusses Data, Veg*nism, and the Media

Sentient Media Executive Director, Ana Bradley, interviews Jo Anderson, Research Director of Faunalytics. They discuss the new Faunalytics report on going veg*n and the importance of research in advocacy.

A broiler chicken laying down inside a factory farm in Italy

Major Welfare Certifier’s New Study Was Designed to Deceive

The study represents yet another attempt by Global Animal Partnership, one of the nation’s largest animal welfare certifications, to pass off poor welfare conditions as the gold standard.

woman looking at a screen

Go from Advocate to Journalist in Sentient Media’s New Course

Bringing together experts from journalism and animal advocacy, this course will empower you to take your skills to the next level regardless of your area of interest.