image of cow and her baby, orca is a cow

Why Do We Grieve One Kind of Cow but Not the Other?

The genetic link between orcas and cows might surprise you.


The 30 Most Intelligent Animals in the World Might Surprise You

Ranging from huge to tiny, some of the smartest animals fly under the radar.

Sea Otter 841 frolicking in the water, How do animals demonstrate intelligence

Animals Reveal Their Intelligence in Surprising Ways

There are many types of intelligence in the animal kingdom, but human bias might mean we underestimate just how smart many animals are.

close-up of insect with compound eyes, definition of sentience

What ‘Sentience’ Means, and Why the Concept Matters for Animals

The term means different things to different people, but here’s what you need to know.

image of orca with open mouth, how smart are orcas

Are Orcas Smart Enough to Plot Against Humans? Their Intelligence, Explained

A series of seemingly coordinated attacks against fishing vessels has the public paying attention to orcas. Here’s what you need to know about this remarkable species.


The Four Most Intelligent Insects

Research shows honeybees can do math. Meanwhile some ants are building massive underground fungi farms.

Fish pass the mirror test, according to science

Fish Pass the Mirror Test. Here’s What That Means.

A new study finds fish can recognize their own reflection and distinguish themselves from other fish.

pig intelligence

New Study: How We Misjudge Animal Intelligence

We’re curious about animal intelligence but we might not want to believe it.

fish feel pain

Wild Fish Feel Pain — But They Have No Welfare Protections

Commercial fishing methods are not designed for a quick or painless death.

what is speciesism

What Is Speciesism?

Speciesism is the idea that only humans are worthy of moral consideration.


Just Like Puppies and Kittens, Young Chickens Like to Play Too

A new study found chickens are playful creatures who run, jump, wrestle and play with toys.

hands holding peas

Do Plants Feel Pain? How Do We Know That They Don’t?

“But plants feel pain too,” is a frequent argument put to vegans but the bottom line is plants do not possess pain receptors like humans and animals.


Bees Can Almost Certainly Feel Pain, According to Science

A new study shows bees not only experience pain but can make decisions about whether to endure pain for reward.

monkey zoo

Animals Benefit From a Mentally and Physically Stimulating Environment

Virtually every member of the animal kingdom benefits from a more mentally stimulating environment, especially zoo animals, cats, dogs, and even mice.

pig intelligence

Are Pigs as Intelligent as Dogs?

Pigs are widely misunderstood as dirty, lazy, and unintelligent creatures. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pigs are highly intelligent, social, and creative.

do lobsters feel pain

Do Lobsters Feel Pain? Here’s What Scientists and Advocates Are Saying

For years, animal advocates, scientists, and seafood enthusiasts have all been asking the same question: do lobsters feel pain? Finally, we have an answer.

sentient being

What Is a Sentient Being? Here’s Why the Definition Is So Important

There are a number of different definitions for sentient beings. Here’s how to navigate the complicated conversation around which animals are sentient and which are not.

do fish feel pain

Do Fish Feel Pain? The Science Behind Fish Sentience

Evidence suggests that fish feel pain and suffer. Although fish and other aquatic animals may not feel pain in the same way that we do, the psychological experience is likely very similar.

are chickens smart

Chickens Are Smart (and Yes, They Can Suffer)

Chickens are widely considered to be unintelligent, but that crude classification may stem from our view of chickens as food animals.

Animals Are More Sentient Than You Think

Commercial and cultural forces constantly work to deny the quality of sentience to non-human animals. Even when science clearly shows most animals are sentient, this denial is mainstream.

do cows play

Do Cows Play? What Cows Can Teach Us About Friendship

Cows are playful, intelligent, aware, and highly social. It turns out we have a lot to learn about friendship from these beautiful creatures.

Fish in tank

Aquatic Animal Welfare Defined for the First Time

Major gaps exist currently in what “animal welfare” means for aquatic animals. The Aquatic Life Institute is leading the effort to help define what this looks like.

Sentience: What It Means and Why It’s Important

Human sentience is widely understood and accepted, while the sentience of other species, including farmed animals, is increasingly recognized.

shark sentient animal

Friend in Sea: Port Jackson Sharks are Smarter Than You Think

Sharks are magnificent creatures. But due to the animal’s menacing depiction in movies and on the news, most humans overlook their complex nature.

Chickens or Pigs: Would You Pick One to Suffer More?

In this guest post, United Poultry Concerns president and founder Karen Davis critiques an earlier editorial by Mikko Jarvenpaa and warns of the dangers of ranking animals by false measures of sentience or moral worth.

Book Review: The Lives of Animals by J.M. Coetzee

J.M. Coetzee takes on a literary struggle with the moral distinction – or lack thereof – between human and animal suffering and death. Whether you agree with him or not, this book should be of interest to most people thinking about animals and morality.

fox smart animal

What Is Animal Intelligence?

The concept of animal intelligence has its roots in the theory of sentience, or an…

sheep face eyes

Sheep Remember Your Face. How Smart Are They?

The process of remembering and forgetting in humans works the same way. It’s face specific.