image of llama

How a Family Cares for Llamas in Guatemala — and Teaches Climate Action

A family in Guatemala chose to keep llamas rather than sell them for meat. Two decades later, they teach tourists how to be more sustainable.

image of bee at flower, How Do Bees Help the Environment

How Bees Help the Environment and Humans

Why it’s crucial we protect these extremely helpful insects — and what’s at stake if we fail to do so.

methane pollution explainer

Methane Pollution: Why Is Methane Bad for the Environment?

Methane is responsible for 30 percent of global warming since pre-industrial times. Emissions sources include natural gas, landfills and cattle farming.

What Is Land Use Change, and What Causes It?

Over the last few centuries, human activity has caused land use change on an unnatural scale.

global bird declines

Rapid Bird Species Decline Boosts Case for Biodiversity Action

New wildlife report reveals 49 percent of bird species are decreasing.

reboot food report

End Animal Farming and Scale Up Protein Breweries

Reboot Food calls for replacing factory farms with precision fermentation.

climate change

What Is Climate Change and How Do We Solve It?

The effects of climate change are real and on the rise. Scientists recommend a number of climate solutions to limit global warming.

food waste rescue

Saving Food Waste From Landfill, One Whatsapp Message at a Time

Foodsharing has rescued 178 million pounds of food from landfill since 2012. Yet experts say more should be done to combat food waste on a global scale.


Humans Destroying Ecosystems: How to Measure Our Impact on the Environment

Human activities like industrialized animal farming are causing the destruction of ecosystems worldwide, including as many as 1 million plant and animal species.

Midwest Journalism Fund

Announcing New Midwest Journalism Fund

Sentient Media is launching a new $10,000 fund and training program to support journalists in the Midwest who report on environmental and agricultural issues.

Gen Z: The Future of the Planet Is in Their Hands

Our planet is in trouble. Younger generations, like Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, are taking action.


Inside David Attenborough’s Journey to the Center of the Climate Movement

For years, he inspired curiosity and awe for the natural world in ways that no other television presenter had done before. But recently, the tone of his films has changed.

cattle grazing

Vegans Are Buying Grazing Land and Giving It Back to Nature

In Britain, a crowdfunding campaign called the Vegan Land Movement is buying out grazing land from farmers to rewild it. The transition is proving more complicated than they expected.

A fire in September in the rainforest in the state of Rondônia

Brazil’s Amazon Now Emits More Carbon Than It Captures

According to a new study, the Brazilian Amazon is emitting more carbon than it captures. The unprecedented rise in emissions is being driven by animal agriculture.

girl looking through a window

The Climate Crisis Is Worse Than You Can Imagine. Here’s What Happens If You Try.

A climate scientist spent years trying to get people to pay attention to the disaster ahead. But his frantic effort to reduce his carbon footprint left his family exhausted and searching for answers.

9 Boundaries We Must Respect to Keep the Planet Habitable

There are nine planetary boundaries beyond which we cannot push Earth without putting billions of lives at risk. We are already outside the “safe operating space” for at least four of them.

cows looking over stalls

Dietary Changes Needed to Prevent Future Pandemics and Biodiversity Loss

A new UN-backed report is calling for the rapid transition away from intensive animal agriculture, fearing it could lead to massive biodiversity loss and the next pandemic.

The Raven Corps: Youth Activists Making a Difference

Youth activists in The Raven Corps are coming together to bring awareness to the pivotal issues the world is currently facing. These activists will not be silenced in their mission to change the world.

Climate Change Protester

What Can I Do About Climate Change? 10 Simple Climate-Friendly Actions

The climate crisis might seem insurmountable, but that does not mean we are powerless. The actions we take today will determine the prosperity of our future and that of future generations.

poster about plastics in fish

More Than Talk: Making the Climate Conversation Meaningful

Climate change is not a new concept, yet communication experts, scientists, and activists are still struggling with how to convey messages about this pertinent topic.

DearTomorrow, Let’s Make it Personal

The climate crisis we are facing is not a political issue, it’s a personal, human issue that affects everyone in different ways. The digital archive project DearTomorrow wants to hear from you today.

climate change temperature

Missing the 2℃ Mark

During a drought earlier this year in Australia, where temperatures reached 117 degrees Fahrenheit, farmers…