Food Labeling

is organic food better for you

Is Organic Food Better for You?

What makes a food “organic”? One survey found only 20 percent of respondents knew the answer.

chicks on a farm

The Key Differences Between Cage-Free and Free-Range Eggs

The terms cage-free and free-range may seem very similar but in reality, there are some key differences between the two. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Some Food Labels Are More Trustworthy Than Others

At a small, family-run dairy farm near Bath, England, cows are suffering. You wouldn’t know that by looking at the label, though. In fact, you might think the opposite.

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13 Misleading Food Label Claims and How Not to Be Tricked

Food labels frequently use carefully crafted language that misleads consumers to believe the products are healthier or more sustainable than they actually are.

Big Meat and Dairy’s Wild Attempt to Censor an Entire Industry

Meat and dairy producers are targeting increasingly popular plant-based foods by challenging whether or not they can use terms like milk or meat. Will it work?

cage-free eggs

Are Cage-Free Eggs Really Better for Chickens?

More and more consumers are choosing cage-free eggs, but producers are still unsure of what the term even means. That could be bad news for layer hens.

Buying Meat? Don’t Believe What You Read on the Label

By not being upfront with consumers, labeling systems are making the industry seem like it is doing more than it actually is to improve animal welfare.

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How Misogyny in Meat Advertising Is Always Staying Current

Modern-day meat advertisements harken back to a time when it was OK to objectify women as body parts. In her new book, Carol J. Adams takes a closer at the role of misogyny in selling meat.

ben jerry's advertising

In Court, “Sustainable” Brands Argue that Marketing Claims are Meaningless

For 42 years, Ben & Jerry’s claimed its ice cream came from “happy cows.” But when the claim was challenged in court, the company backpedaled, exposing an industry rife with false advertising.

This Cheese Is Dairy-Free. Is That A Problem?

“The steady growth of the plant-based foods industry shows that consumers continue to shift away from animal products towards plant-based options,” said Michele Simone, executive director of the Plant Based Foods Association.

what is food labeling

Food Labeling Secrets You Need to Know to Stay Healthy

Food labeling isn’t nearly as clear, concise, and transparent as it should be. Lots of people are confused about what specific food labels mean, especially those that are often used erroneously, such as organic, free range, and all natural.

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Labeling Meat Humane Is Not Humane—or Sustainable

Labeling meat “humane” that is not humane reflects America’s lack of a comprehensive animal welfare policy. And so, the fight continues.