Sentient Media is a nonprofit news organization that is changing the conversation around animal agriculture across the globe. 

We create public awareness of the agriculture industry’s impact on the climate crisis, extraction of natural resources and systemic exploitation of those bound up in food production. We’re doing this through critical commentary, investigative journalism, creating resources, strengthening the journalist and advocate community, partnering with publishers and holding the media accountable when it fails to report on the most pressing issues of our time.

We partner with international, national, and local media outlets to reach diverse audiences around the world. To date, we have trained over 800 established and aspiring writers in 50+ countries, leading to more than 2,000 articles being published in a variety of media outlets exposing the truth about our global food systems

We aim to serve those who have been historically marginalized by mainstream media through our team of writers and our Sentient Media Journalism Fund.

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