New Slaughterhouse Investigation Reveals Critical Lapse in Federal Law

Fish are one of the few farmed animals not protected by the Humane Slaughter Act. Producers are aware of this loophole and regularly exploit it, investigators say.

do lobsters feel pain
Do Lobsters Feel Pain? Here’s What Scientists and Advocates Are Saying

For years, animal advocates, scientists, and seafood enthusiasts have all been asking the same question: do lobsters feel pain? Finally, we have an answer.

Crocodile Farming Investigation Exposes Hermès Supplier

The Farm Transparency Project just released footage from four intensive crocodile farms in Australia, exposing one of the darkest corners of the fashion industry.

animal rights
Animal Rights: The Simple Idea That Sparked a Movement

Animal rights is a revolutionary idea and social movement that requires humans to reexamine their relationship with animals, especially animals used for food.

What’s Wrong With Veganism?

In a world where nearly 7 billion people choose to eat meat and other animal products, the decision to go vegan solves very little. What comes next makes all the difference.

animal cruelty
Animal Cruelty: What You Can Do Right Now to Prevent It

Animal cruelty often happens in plain sight, but it can be hard to recognize. Here are a few strategies to combat cruelty against animals in all its forms.

Wildlife Killing Contests: The Pastime Putting America’s Coyotes at Risk

Wildlife killing contests are common across the U.S. Competitors kill coyotes and foxes for the thrill, often invoking the interests of the ranching industry to defend their conduct.

People of the Global Majority Are an Integral Part of the Vegan Movement

Not only is increasing the movement’s diversity a moral imperative, it’s the best way to ensure that the movement maintains relevancy in an increasingly diverse world.

Exposing the Secretive World of Animal Exploitation with Pete Paxton

Over the past two decades, Pete Paxton has dedicated his life to exposing animal abuse wherever it hides, earning him a spot among the most accomplished undercover investigators of all time.

sentient being
What Is a Sentient Being? Here’s Why the Definition Is So Important

There are a number of different definitions for sentient beings. Here’s how to navigate the complicated conversation around which animals are sentient and which are not.