An End to Animal Testing Is Within Reach

With public knowledge of what happens inside animal experimentation facilities at an all-time high, the cruel practice may finally be on its way out.

These Big Brands Still Test Makeup on Animals

In the U.S., the FDA encourages nonanimal testing for cosmetic products. So why do so many companies still test makeup on animals?

Why Do Humans Still Experiment on Animals?

Humans have long debated the ethics of animal testing. Many say that the practice is outdated, cruel to animals, dangerous, and unreliable.

We Asked Gov. Newsom to Stop Expanding Factory Farms. He Didn’t Listen.

Activists arrived outside the home of California Governor Gavin Newsom with a simple ask: halt the expansion of factory farms. His response may surprise you.

Animals Could Play a Pivotal Role in Climate Talks—if We Let Them

Climate change impacts every species on the planet. Why are humans the only ones drafting a response?

Farmed Animals Lack Legal Protections. What Needs to Change?

The legal system hasn’t simply failed farmed animals—it has actively and methodically facilitated their exploitation. Here’s what needs to change.

animal testing
Animals Testing, Exposed: Millions of Animals Suffer in Labs Every Year

Through animal testing, researchers try and often fail to determine if the products are safe for humans by examining their effects on animals.

Six Animal Rights Activists Were Arrested in Ontario. What Happened?

The arrests came just hours before a planned demonstration, organized by global animal rights group Meat The Victims, was supposed to take place at a turkey breeding facility in Ontario.

food desert
Is It Finally Time to Retire the Term ‘Food Desert’?

Food deserts are found in low-income neighborhoods that have limited access to supermarkets or grocery stores. They have serious consequences for the people who live there.

Advocates Fight Back Against Rise of Animal Cruelty on Facebook and YouTube

As Facebook falls under the national spotlight, Jennifer Mishler takes a closer look at the rise of animal cruelty on the platform and what advocates can do to stop it.