Why This Undercover Investigator Is Helping Others Expose Animal Abuse

Prior to going undercover on factory farms, Erin Wing had witnessed and experienced all kinds of violence. It was one of the reasons she knew she would be well-suited for the job.

Photo Essay: Aitor Garmendia Investigates 32 Spanish Pig Farms

Between 2019 and 2020, documentary photographer Aitor Garmendia conducted an investigation into 32 Spanish pig farms. This is what he found.

Why Aren’t More Veterinarians Vegan?

If the profession continues to turn a blind eye to the suffering of factory-farmed animals, “the public will wonder if they can trust veterinarians anymore.”

The Unwritten Rule of Animal Rescue: Don’t Call the Cops

If you see an animal in need, the unwritten rule is: don’t call the cops. Instead, rescuers rely on a community of caregivers and activists to help find these animals a new home.

New Film Gives Us a Rare Glimpse of Animals in Transport

Join renowned photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur as she climbs transport trucks in Turkey, documenting animals in their final moments on the way to slaughter.

Can Farmers Survive Without Animals? Join the Experts as They Look for Answers

Hosted by the program’s founder, Renee King-Sonnen, and award-winning journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell, the summit promises to bring together voices from across the industry.

World’s Largest Fleet of Illegal Fishing Boats Operating Invisibly in North Korean Waters

The Chinese vessels—numbering nearly 800 in 2019—appear to be in violation of UN sanctions that forbid foreign fishing off the coast of North Korea.

mcdonald's animal cruelty
McDonald’s Animal Cruelty: Secrets of the Fast Food Industry

McDonald’s animal cruelty record is far from perfect. The company has been under fire after multiple investigations exposed cruelty at its chicken suppliers.

Open Cages Releases New Video from Inside a Mink Gas Chamber

Last week, new footage from a mink fur farm in Poland was published by Open Cages amidst calls for a ban on British fur sales.

How Many Animals Does PETA’s Shelter Euthanize Annually—and Why?

U.S. shelters must euthanize millions of animals every year. Why is this done? PETA explains.