This New Bill Could Phase Out Animal Testing for Good

The Humane Research and Testing Act of 2021 address the growing need to replace animals in research. The bill also calls for the acceptance of “valid and reliable” alternative testing methods.

Why Hack the World’s Largest Meat Company?

A group of hackers temporarily shut down operations at JBS, the world’s largest meat company, disrupting the U.S. beef supply and leaving us with more questions than answers.

Is Ethically Produced Dairy Even Possible?

At the UK’s only slaughter-free dairy farm, calves are allowed to be with their mothers, and spent cows roam around in peace. Sound too good to be true? We took a closer look.

Antibiotic Resistance Starts on the Farm, but Marginalized Communities Pay the Price

The widespread use of antibiotics on factory farms is exposing everyone who lives within a 3-mile radius to significant health risks. Low-income people of color are often the most affected.

How Airlines Enable Animal Suffering

A long-tailed macaque is flying through the air. Sadly, he is not leaping between trees. Like so many others, he is in the cargo hold of an airplane on his way to an animal experimentation facility.

10 Queer and POC-Led Groups Fighting for a More Equitable Food System

Across the country, queer folks and people of color are getting organized and coming up with real solutions for a food system that they say is leaving marginalized communities behind.

cage-free eggs
Are Cage-Free Eggs Really Better for Chickens?

More and more consumers are choosing cage-free eggs, but producers are still unsure of what the term even means. That could be bad news for layer hens.

The UK Animal Sentience Bill Is Good, But Animals Deserve Better

The new animal sentience bill could make progress for animals on several fronts. But the bill is vague in key respects, protecting some animals while leaving out others.

Defending the Indefensible: Pig Industry Veterinarian Speaks Out

Each time footage is released from pig farms, the industry manages to brush it off as an “isolated incident.” But Dr. Alice Brough says these incidents are standard practice.

The Tale of Two Lab Kittens: The One We Saved, the One We Didn’t, and Why It’s Historic

The U.S government is spending millions of taxpayer dollars on wasteful cat experiments. When will we close this shameful chapter of American history? White Coat Waste Project investigates.