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The Revolutionary Potential of Vegan Politics

Veganism is more than a diet—it’s a political framework that challenges us to reexamine our relationship with gender, sexuality, and power in our everyday lives.

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Animal Welfare Campaigners and UK Politicians Clash Over Live Exports

Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to ban live animal exports as soon as Britain officially left the EU. But an upcoming court case is spreading doubt about whether or not he will follow through.

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Protesters, Pigs & the Diversity Problem in Animal Welfare

Allyship between the animal rights community and the Black community is tenuous, but it doesn’t have to be. Activists can organize to support all who are oppressed, regardless of species.

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No Chemo for Pigs? Rescue Animals Face a Broken Veterinary System

Farmed animals’ access to proper medical care is often limited by their status as “food animals,” leaving sanctuary owners with few options for treatment.

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Vigils and Rescues Ramp Up in the Wake of Activist’s Death

Celebrities are joining thousands of others to commemorate the life of animal rights activist Regan Russell, who was fatally struck by a transport truck at a slaughterhouse vigil in Canada last month.

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The Danger of Letting the Animal Agriculture Industry Operate in Secrecy

Former undercover investigator Scott David examines the risks and implications of “ag-gag” laws that punish anyone who releases evidence of animal cruelty inside farms and slaughterhouses.

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Ontario Passes Controversial New Ag-Gag Law, But Animal Rights Activists Aren’t Backing Down

In a new video and exclusive interview, Amy Soranno walks us through her life as an animal rights activist, uncovering the hidden lives of exploited animals in the food system.

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At Black Lives Matter Protests, Police Horses Become Another Troubling Symbol of Oppression

Interactions between Black people and mounted police at recent protests are a stark reminder of the country’s racist past.

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Understanding Euthanasia: When Life and Words Become Worthless

Animals subjected to “euthanasia” often die by carbon dioxide poisoning, ventilation shutdown, and other mass-killing techniques that prolong suffering for minutes, even hours.

octopus farming ocean
Octopuses Farmed: Mass Breeding Techniques Could Harm Female Octopuses

Proponents of octopus farming argue that the industry will relieve pressure on wild species. But the practice has dangerous consequences on animal welfare.