Pitches & Submissions

What We’re Looking For:

Our ambition is to increase public awareness of animal suffering. We do so by telling compelling stories about the ways humans treat animals. We are committed to the journalistic pursuit of this goal and partnering with other media organizations that share in this commitment. That means all our stories involve animals at some point, or the major players affecting animals’ lives, now and in the future.

Stories do not necessarily have to focus on animals above other things. Stories about policy, justice, or the global meat market, for example, may also detail the treatment of contract farmers and slaughterhouse workers, animal product labeling, or the trade of animals across borders. But that means that stories about more general ideas of sentience or the environment that do not involve animals might be straying too far from the path. We believe that in a world where approximately 3 billion animals are killed for human consumption every day, it is best to specifically articulate the ways in which animals, and/or the people working to advance their cause, are involved.

How to Submit:

Please follow these instructions and a member of our editorial team will be in touch shortly. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].