New Investigation Uncovers “Unacceptable” Conditions at UK Pig Farm

An Animal Equality investigation released last week filmed “unacceptable” conditions at a “high welfare” pig farm in the UK. The pigs were found living in filth and many were seen suffering from open wounds.

Is Speciesism a Social Justice Issue?

Speciesism is more than just an animal rights issue. The Deputy Leader of the UK’s Animal Welfare Party, Jane Smith, explains why our understanding of social justice must evolve to include animals.

tail docking
Most Vets Oppose Tail Docking. So Why Is It Still Happening?

While some dog breeds are born with naturally short tails, others have theirs removed in a painful and impractical procedure known as tail docking.

Decolonizing Sustainability: Food Sovereignty, Animal Liberation, and Land Justice

Sustainability is a conflicted term. Instead of asking how we can make the food system more sustainable, we should be asking, sustainable for whom?

Growing Human Cells in Monkey Embryos Is Problematic—But Not for the Reasons People Think

The main problem lies in the similarities with conventional animal use: Humans are once again planning to create sentient beings so that we can exploit them for our own benefit.

Can a Wildlife Refuge Help a Community’s Fight for Environmental Justice?

In Albuquerque’s South Valley, activists are happy for more green space but worry about how gentrification will affect their local ecosystem.

do fish feel pain
Do Fish Feel Pain? The Science Behind Fish Sentience

Evidence suggests that fish feel pain and suffer. Although fish and other aquatic animals may not feel pain in the same way that we do, the psychological experience is likely very similar.

Next in Line: The Emotional Trauma We Inflict on Farmed Animals

Award-winning investigative photographer Amy Jones discusses her role in bridging the divide between humans and the emotional violence we inflict on farmed animals.

Want to Protect Workers, Animals, and the Planet? Ban the Sale of Meat

Big Meat—like Big Oil, Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma—is a ravenous machine of exploitation pursuing profits at almost any cost. It needs to be stopped.

Saving Animals, One Law at a Time

Lobbyists and legislators can only do so much. Public support is what pushes for bills to become laws—and right now, support for animals is soaring.