Jo-Anne McArthur Speaks Out Against Canada’s New Ag-Gag Laws

Award-winning photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur discusses Canada’s latest ag-gag law and how the industry’s ongoing attack on journalists and activists is impacting her work.

Food Redlining: How Two Bay Area Communities Are Fighting Back Against a Legacy of Racist Policy

Supermarkets often will not open stores in low-income neighborhoods, further limiting access to nutritious foods for their residents. Two California communities are taking a stand.

Big Meat and Dairy’s Wild Attempt to Censor an Entire Industry

Meat and dairy producers are targeting increasingly popular plant-based foods by challenging whether or not they can use terms like milk or meat. Will it work?

More Slaughterhouses Is Not the Solution

Small, family-run abattoirs have been described as ‘cornerstones’ of sustainable meat production but a new investigation from the UK nonprofit Animal Justice Project paints a different picture.

This Kansas Farm Is Making Headlines—for All the Wrong Reasons

Many of the farmed animals were found “in a severe state of neglect.” The USDA, which has already given the farm $160,000, refused to comment on whether or not it would continue its support.

Endangered Elk Starve While the National Park Service Stands By

Nearly 300 endangered tule elk isolated on the Pt. Reyes National Seashore are in a fight for their lives—with no help from the National Park Service, the organization tasked with their protection.

Why USDA Should Adopt Stronger Legal Protections for Farmed Animals

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently announced that USDA will begin a new process to address farmed animal welfare standards. It’s long overdue.

Major Welfare Certifier’s New Study Was Designed to Deceive Consumers

The study represents yet another attempt by Global Animal Partnership, one of the nation’s largest animal welfare certifications, to pass off poor welfare conditions as the gold standard.

First Carbon Offsets. Now, Animal Testing Offsets?

Can paying for an animal testing-free future make people feel better about getting vaccinated? Jessica Scott-Reid explores the novel new concept of animal testing offsets.

Expansion of Cattle Farms Leads to Rise of Armed Conflict in Colombia

A special investigation into the expansion of cattle farming in Colombia has found a connection between illegal deforestation and the rise of armed conflict in the region.