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bee visiting flowers

15 Animals Who Help the Environment and How They Do It

Many animals contribute to the health of our ecosystem, but these 15 in particular are overachievers.

image of polar bear, animals most affected by climate change

Which Animals Are Most Affected by Climate Change, Explained

We’re nearing or have already arrived at the 6th Great Extinction — only this time, the crisis is manmade.

image of tribal ceremony

Time To Dance the Salmon Home

This summer a Tribal ceremony celebrated the return of sacred fish, lost for generations.

wild orcas off Puget Sound, how many orcas are left

Are Orcas Endangered? Some Are, and the Species Appears to Be Fighting Back

Commercial fishing threatens marine life — and it seems orcas are trying to do something about it.

image of llama

How a Family Cares for Llamas in Guatemala — and Teaches Climate Action

A family in Guatemala chose to keep llamas rather than sell them for meat. Two decades later, they teach tourists how to be more sustainable.

image of coral reef under ocean. coral reef crisis

Coral Reefs Are in Crisis. The Way We Eat Makes It Worse.

According to a 20-year study in Nature, reefs closer to pollution fared worse in recovering from damage caused by climate change.

image of dairy cow about to drink from trough, Colorado river water crisis

Dairy Farms Are Still Draining the Colorado River Dry, Says New Report

More than 40 million people depend on this vital U.S. waterway.

image of bee at flower, How Do Bees Help the Environment

How Bees Help the Environment and Humans

Why it’s crucial we protect these extremely helpful insects — and what’s at stake if we fail to do so.

image of cow drinking, how does extreme heat affect farm animals

Extreme Heat Is Deadly for Farm Animals — and Too Often, They Receive No Mercy

One ‘solution’ employed for overheated animals on factory farms? Mass suffocation.

seafood vulnerable to climate change, image of person's hands holding oysters

Seafood Is Extremely Vulnerable to Climate Change, Study Finds

Over 90 percent of food harvested from marine and freshwater environments is at risk, challenging the idea that “blue food” is more sustainable.

college student eating, plant-based defaults

Colleges Reduce Emissions by Offering Plant-Based Options by Default, Study Finds

Heard of plant-based defaults? It’s a simple idea that could be a major help in the fight against climate change.

close up of boat, industrial fishing harms

Industrial Fishing Harms More Than Just Marine Life

From dwindling fish to decimated communities in the Global South, nothing about the growing demand for seafood is sustainable.

crab traps - image of crab

A New Program Cleaning Up Crab Traps Is a Start – But Is It Enough?

Abandoned traps catch roughly 3.3 million crabs each year, on top of decimating seagrasses, coral and endangered whales.

Good Meat pilot plant bioreactor, Cultivated Meat study

What the Media Keeps Getting Wrong About That Cultivated Meat Study

A new study says lab grown meat is worse for the planet than beef, but what do the numbers actually say?

image of plant-based burger - fake meat

Why So-Called Fake Meat Is Actually Better for Nature Than the Real Thing

“Fake meat” has long been used as an insult to the alternative protein market but in reality natural meat is far worse for the planet.

image of various pulses and dried beans, climavore

What a Climavore Eats and Believes, Explained

A new kind of eater — the climavore — eats foods based on their environmental footprint. But the approach has been criticized by food justice and animal advocates.

cow on feedlot, California climate law

A California Bill Could Reveal Corporate America’s Climate Secrets

The requirement to disclose scope 3 emissions — from the cows, not just the kitchen — is what’s rankling the food and agriculture industry.

Making the Climate Connection media analysis

93 Percent of Climate News Never Mentions Meat

A new study by Faunalytics and Sentient Media shows that animal agriculture is systematically underreported in climate media coverage.

In India, Climate Change Is Devastating Animals and Farmers Alike

In India, Climate Change Is Devastating Animals and Farmers Alike

A vicious cycle of poverty, climate change, and animal suffering makes dairy farming unsustainable.

MIAM January

Food and Farming Climate Media Toolkit

We’ve compiled some of our most frequently used research and analysis in this food-climate reporting toolkit.

rewilding wolves

Colorado Plans To Reintroduce Wolves but Is It Enough To Protect Them?

Ranchers are paid up to $15,000 per dead cow, and the state is authorized to kill wolves if wild prey numbers dip below a set threshold.

rewilding animal ag

Why Rewilding This Kind of Farmland Is a Win for the Planet

New research suggests rewilding is more effective than tree-planting, and when it comes to which land to rewild, the answer is also clear: farms. 

Global Development Banks Could Boost 'Climate-Friendly' Pork and Chicken

Global Development Banks Turn to ‘Climate-Friendly’ Pork and Poultry

A new report uncovers global climate investors looking to boost industrial pork and poultry.

how campus cafeterias became hotspots for climate action

How Campus Cafeterias Became Hotspots for Climate Action

To help slash emissions, college students are pushing for less beef and more plants on campus.

Is beef consumption in the U.S. headed in the right direction?

Is Beef Consumption Headed in the Right Direction?

Researchers are clear that we can’t meet our climate goals without tackling beef consumption in the U.S. Let’s take a look at our progress.

Bison as beings of decolonization

How the Bison Became a Being of Decolonization 

Tens of millions of bison once roamed North America until ranchers decimated their numbers. But today, Indigenous-led projects are restoring the bison and their ecosystems.

Some Muslims Want a Green Ramadan

Some Muslims Want a Greener Ramadan With Less Meat

A growing number of Muslims have been working to promote “Green Ramadan” — to help celebrants reduce food waste and eat less meat.

what is carbon neutral?

What Is Carbon Neutral Milk?

Milk and meat brands are turning to climate labels like “carbon neutral” and “net zero” to boost sales. But what do these terms actually mean?

Is almond milk bad for the environment?

Is Almond Milk Bad for the Environment?

Almond milk has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so. More and more…

the way we eat can harm and help biodiversity

The Way We Eat Can Harm — Or Help — Biodiversity

Two new biodiversity studies find a link between what we eat and the shrinking number of wild plant and animal species left on the planet.