Vegans Are Changing Restaurant Menus Around the World

vegan restaurant menu

It’s World Vegan Day! This year, the number of people who call themselves vegans tripled, and more than half of Americans say they’re trying to eat less meat. 51% of chefs celebrated all this plant-based bliss early by adding vegan items to their menus, bringing 13% more business to those chefs willing to take the plant-based plunge.

According to a recent report on food tourism, Los Angeles and Berlin are some of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. Yes, there are vegan restaurants everywhere (Excited?! I know) but what sets many restaurants apart is their ability to provide vegan substitutes for traditional dishes.

Israeli foods, for example, lend themselves well to vegan cooking. More and more chefs are embracing the similarities between traditional and vegan cuisine, instead of pointing out the differences. In 2018, everyone needs a vegan option.

Even the self-proclaimed “king of the carnivores” knows there is an end in sight for meat. Chef Francis Mallmann made his name roasting animals whole on farms in Argentina. Now, he’s writing a vegan cookbook.

“In 30 more years, we won’t eat any more animals,” he told Bloomberg. The dishes of his new vegan cookbook will mimic those of his roots.

“My aim is to make main dishes for vegans which will be like a steak. I want them to feel that they sit down for lunch or dinner and they eat something as substantial as a steak.”

But how? Cauliflower. That’s the only hint he would give, for now.

Vegans are changing restaurant menus in cities around the world for good. Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Brooklyn, Charlotte, London, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Singapore. Here are nine notable vegan spots to check out if you’re passing through.

Virtuous Pie in Portland, OR

Virtuous Pie
1126 SE Division St #200
Portland, OR
+1 503 334 2073

The Salvi Vegan in Los Angeles, CA

Place all orders through Instragram

The Chicago Diner in Chicago, IL


The Chicago Diner
3411 N Halsted Street
Chicago, IL
+1 773 935 6696

by CHLOE. in Brooklyn, NY

171 N 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY
+1 347 379 4828

Veltree Vegan Soul Food in Charlotte, NC

Veltree Vegan Soul Food
7945 Tryon Street #110
Charlotte, NC
+1 980 355 0075

Redemption in London

6 Chepstow Road
London, UK
+44 20 7313 9041

Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires

Casa Rosada

Lucky Leek in Berlin

Lucky Leek
Kollwitzstraße 54
Berlin, DE
+49 30 66408710

Loving Hut in Singapore


Loving Hut
229 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore, SG
+65 6348 6318