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farmed salmon
Farmed Salmon: What Is Farmed Salmon & Is It Safe to Eat?

New studies on the negative effects of salmon farming have prompted people to question whether farmed salmon is good for human health and the environment.

turkey farming
Turkey Farming: How Intensive Breeding Is Transforming the Industry

Selective breeding has made turkey farming more lucrative, but the industry’s pursuit of profit comes at the expense of animal welfare.

The Human Cost of Eating Turkey This Thanksgiving

Despite production slowdowns due to COVID-19, the turkey industry is set to keep most of its facilities open through the holiday season, putting poultry workers and their families at risk.

Will Development Banks Finally Agree to Divest from Factory Farms?

To address the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and the ongoing threat of zoonotic disease, advocates must turn their calls for divestment to the factory farming industry.

cow cattle field
How Grass-Fed Beef Is Duping Consumers, Again

Meat producers are trying to trick the rapidly growing sector of eco-conscious consumers into believing that they are partners in the solution to climate change. And people are eating it up.

Would Slower Growth Make Life Better for Farmed Chickens?

Animal advocates criticize the painful effects of rapid growth in chickens. But poultry producers often draw attention away from the issue, touting new innovations in their breeding methods and general welfare improvements. Is slower growth really better for birds?

Outgrowing the Chicken House: A Brief History of the Modern Broiler Industry

Today, corporate agriculture raises broiler chickens by the billions, producing birds that have not only outgrown their own bodies but are capable of outgrowing the industry itself.

chickens factory farm
New Study Confirms Inhumane Breeding of Broiler Chickens

A new study released in September by the University of Guelph, Ontario, shows decisively that this genetic manipulation comes at a great physical cost to the birds.

factory farm pig
The Link Between Antibiotic Resistance and Factory Farming

The alarming growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has prompted a call for factory farms to stop routinely administering antibiotic drugs to healthy animals. Many aren’t listening.

Trump Orders More Offshore Fish Farms. Will Congress Cooperate?

Today, more fish are raised on farms than caught in the wild. Trump wants to keep it that way, so he’s ordering Congress to lift environmental regulations on new offshore aquaculture facilities.