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battery cage
Battery Cages: The Egg Industry’s Dark Secret

Battery cages are still used for egg production in the U.S., but there’s a reason you may not have seen one before. They cause animals so much pain that they must be kept completely out of sight.

egg production
How Egg Production Became a $200-Billion Industry

Egg production is far from the idyllic image of a mother hen sitting atop her nest. Big Ag has corrupted the process, creating cheap eggs at the expense of billions of anguished chickens.

Why Are Farmers Embracing Regenerative Grazing?

Regenerative grazing’s central claim—that a properly managed herd will restore soil health and save the planet—has garnered a lot of attention lately. But some are still deeply skeptical.

Leave Fish in the Sea—and Farm Shellfish Instead?

Fish farming was supposed to be the industry’s saving grace, but instead of taking pressure off wild populations, it just caused more destruction. Would farming shellfish be more sustainable?

The Pet Food Industry Is Cutting Ties with Animal Agriculture

If cats and dogs were a country, they would be the fifth-largest meat consumer in the world, according to PLOS One. Could cultured meat help the pet food industry clean up its act?

meat consumption in the u.s.
Meat Consumption in the U.S. Is Growing at an Alarming Rate

Burgers, bacon, steaks, and other meat products have come under scrutiny due to their impact on health, sustainability, and social justice issues. Yet meat consumption in the U.S. is still on the rise.

The Challenges of Reporting at Sea

We spoke with Pulitzer Prize winner Ian Urbina and investigators Lex Rigby and Pete Paxton about their experience documenting the commercial fishing industry.

Farmers Face Frostbitten Cows, Dead Calves, and Harsh Financial Consequences

Over the last few weeks, severe winter storms have pelted the U.S. agriculture industry with problems, killing hundreds of thousands of animals.

From Capture to Culture: Aquaculture in the U.S.

The push to expand fish farms is spurring a fiery debate, prompting calls from the U.S.-based commercial fishing industry for more support while drawing skepticism and critique from many marine biologists and environmentalists.

Factory Farming Is on the Rise, But Communities Are Fighting Back

In the absence of political leadership, grassroots organizations and NGOs are taking on factory farms themselves, building on growing public support for less intensive animal agriculture.