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live animal export
Live Animal Export: How Many Animals Die During Transport?

Live animal export is one of the single greatest threats to animal welfare. Every year, billions of animals are crammed into cargo holds, and many don’t make it out alive.

fish farm
Fish Farming Is Not As Sustainable As We Thought

Fish farming was supposed to be a more sustainable way to meet the global demand for seafood. But as aquaculture gains in popularity, so does its environmental impact.

Our Food Systems Are Complicated. Food Data Doesn’t Have to Be.

Researchers made a “Google Maps” for global food systems. Could it help us tackle food’s thorniest problems?

This $22-Billion Industry Suffers from a Serious Lack of Oversight

The live animal trade is thriving. Every day, millions of farmed animals are shipped around the world, panic-stricken and disoriented on their way to slaughter.

Lab-Grown Meat Isn’t Natural—And Neither Is Factory Farming

Many consumers believe conventional meat products are more natural than their lab-grown counterparts. What is “natural,” however, is not always best.

Pioneering Undercover Investigator Finally Emerges From Behind the Camera

As the pandemic forces Gem de Silva to take some time out, he reflects on 30 years of investigating factory farms and other industries exploiting animals.

What a Secret Investigation into UK’s Largest Duck Slaughterhouse Reveals About the Industry

This isn’t the first time the Crown-approved duck supplier has come under fire, and it certainly won’t be the last. The industry is riddled with violence.

Cultured Meat Could Revolutionize the Food System

In nearly every way, cultured meat is the same as conventional meat. The all-important difference is that cultured meat does not require the raising or killing of animals for food.

farmed salmon
Farmed Salmon: What Is Farmed Salmon & Is It Safe to Eat?

New studies on the negative effects of salmon farming have prompted people to question whether farmed salmon is good for human health and the environment.

turkey farming
Turkey Farming: How Intensive Breeding Is Transforming the Industry

Selective breeding has made turkey farming more lucrative, but the industry’s pursuit of profit comes at the expense of animal welfare.