Big Ag

Farmers Caught in the Gears of Agricultural Industry

Farming was a sustainable way of life until corporate agriculture came knocking. Now, farmers are caught in the gears of an industry that prioritizes cheap crops and labor above all else.

Meat, Money, and Politics: Inside Big Ag’s Struggle to Feed the World

The meat industry is controlled by a few deeply connected corporations that wreak havoc on the planet and exploit workers and marginalized communities without consequence.

dairy farmer
Dairy Farmers Find Themselves at the Center of a Troubled Industry

Dairy farmers work long hours in dangerous conditions, while animals are constantly impregnated and then separated from their young.

chicken farmer
Chicken Farmers Are Speaking Out Against the Rise of Corporate Agriculture

For years, chicken farmers have been organizing and sacrificing their livelihoods to speak out about how far big businesses will go in their search for profits. When will we listen?

What Happens When Big Ag Comes to Town

Big Ag didn’t just put small farmers out of business. They changed a way of life in rural America and made it harder to fight climate change.

cultivated meat
How Cultivated Meat Went from Lab Experiment to Legitimate Solution

Like the Impossible Burger, cultivated meat is an industry-led technological innovation that will make it easier to cut animals out of your diet and eat meat, too.

industrial agriculture
Is Industrial Agriculture Really Making the World a Better Place?

Given the many negative impacts that industrial agriculture has on the environment, health, and animal welfare, its place in society is coming into question.

The History of Beef Consumption in the U.S. and How It Is Changing

Americans have a long, complicated history of eating red meat, but as COVID-19 spread, beef consumption in the U.S. seems to have fallen. Could this be a turning point for the industry?

The New Push to Greenwash Factory Farming

Factory farming is trying to clean up its act by turning methane emissions into biogas. But the promise of sustainability could be doing more harm than good.

Inside the Dark World of Rabbit Farming

Rabbit is often celebrated as the “most sustainable” meat, but it emits more carbon per kilogram than both chicken and pork and causes millions of animals to suffer.