How to Build an Investigative Story with Lee Fang of The Intercept

Watch the fourth installment of our new speaker series, Sentient Sessions, for valuable insights and advice from a veteran investigative journalist.

highway to health

Interview with Tanya O’Callaghan and Derrick Green, Hosts of New Plant-Based Travel Show

The plant-based travel show, Highway to Health, takes the viewers through fascinating places around the world. Find out what’s in store for season one.

You’re Published, Now What? Social Media Influencers Discuss Social Justice Online

Watch the third installment of our new speaker series, Sentient Sessions, for tips and tricks on getting your voice heard on social media.

sentient sessions

How to Fact-Check and Verify Sources for Animal Rights Reporting

In the second installment of Sentient Sessions, Christopher Sebastian explains the importance of fact-checking and lays out the tools you’ll need to master it.

pig farming

New Mini-Doc Exposes Pork Industry’s “Unseen” Pandemic Risks

The mini-documentary chronicles pigs’ harrowing 700-mile journey across the American southwest, exposing widespread corporate misconduct that threatens public health.

The Power of the Pitch: Top Journalists and Editors Discuss How to Craft the Perfect Pitch

Watch the first installment of our new speaker series, Sentient Sessions, for tips and tricks on rising to the top of your editor’s inbox.

dead pigs ditch

Hidden Video Reveals Gruesome Mass-Extermination Method for Iowa Pigs Amid Pandemic

This video includes graphic images some readers may find disturbing. Cruel and excruciating methods are being used to kill thousands of pigs that have become commercially worthless during the pandemic.

pig farm hand

VIDEO: How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

Plant-based campaigners Million Dollar Vegan explain the fundamental changes necessary to avoid the next pandemic. Experts warn that if we don’t act now, we may not have another chance to.

chicken hen rescue

VIDEO: Berkeley Resident Opens Backyard to Rescued Chickens

Chickens are social animals–until we take their freedom away. They form groups, make friends, and help each other grow. Meet Hens of the Hills microsanctuary founder, Deirdre Duhan, and see what happens when this group of rescued hens get back their right to live.

COVID-19: The Origin Story

With much of the world on lockdown tracking the death toll and flight cancellations, no one is questioning why we are in the midst of the worst global pandemic in over a century, Sentient Media delves into the origin story.

pig slaughter investigation

VIDEO: Inside an Italian Pig Slaughterhouse

New footage from Animal Equality shows the disturbing reality inside an Italian pig slaughterhouse. The violence is savage, but not outside the norm.

UN secretary general

“Nature Is Angry”: UN Secretary General Urges Public to Address Climate Emergency

In an exclusive interview, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said we are losing the race against climate catastrophe, but a Green New Deal can help.

amazon fire Brazil

Drone Footage Shows Devastating Aftermath of Amazon Fires

The Guardian just released aerial footage showing the desolation left in the wake of fires that have swept the Amazon rainforest over the past month.

caged egg hens

Going Cage-Free: How Corporations Influence Public Opinion of Animal Advocacy

Corporate lobbying efforts at Subway, Dunkin’, and McDonald’s are playing an increasingly effective role in animal advocacy. 

Cassie bunny rescue

Activists Risk Going to Prison for Rescuing Animals

Activist Cassie King is currently facing seven felonies for helping animals trapped in factory farms. But the charges are not stopping her.

Have You Tried Plant-Based Meat Yet?

Plant-based meat and the fantastic array of proudly “fake” and animal-free meat alternatives are changing the look and the value of protein as we know it.

chicken factory farm

This Is How the Fast Food Industry Treats Chickens

Animal Equality just released new footage of extreme animal suffering on three chicken farms that supply the large restaurant chains and grocers in the UK.

Kamala Harris

Animal Rights Protester Grabs Microphone From Kamala Harris

While unfortunate in its timing, target, and implementation, the disruption at the MoveOn event raises important questions about how politicians view the treatment of animals. However, the animal rights movement needs to be mindful about its allies and make more friends, not fewer.

Be Warned, McDonald’s Investors: The Fast Food Giant Is Slow to Adapt

As consumer demand for non-animal proteins increases – for reasons of health, climate impact, and animal suffering – many fast food competitors are putting plant-based food on their menus. McDonald’s is not so fast.

Beyond Meat IPO

Beyond Meat Stock Continues to Skyrocket, Up 240%

Beyond Meat IPO’s is ringing all kinds of bells. Shares soared 167% on its debut last week. The valuation: $3.8 billion. What’s next for Wall Street’s freshest face?

broiler chicken farm

U.S. Kills 25 Million Chickens for Food Every Day

Former undercover investigator Geoff Regier takes us inside the disturbing world of factory farming, where 25 million chickens are killed for food every day—just in the United States.

peaceful protest sign

Watch: Unprecedented Animal Rights Protest at Pig Farm

A sign posted inside the farm read, “What happens in the barn, stays in the barn,” an explicit reminder of the industry’s aversion to transparency.

Earthling Ed vegan

Earthling Ed Debunks Every Argument Against Veganism

In his latest TEDx Talk, Earthling Ed pulls the rug out from under the entire modern food system, leaving us with one lingering question. Why are we just hearing about this now?

PETA pig farm

Chilling Footage From Inside a Canadian Pig Farm

More than 1,000 mother pigs were found suffering miserable lives in crates at one of British Columbia’s largest pig farms. PETA’s investigation spurred direct action by hundreds of activists over the weekend.

Animal Matters Grant

Animal Matters Episode 3: Ethics & Philosophy of Animal Rights

In this third episode of Animal Matters Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald and Sentient Media co-founder Grant Lingel discuss the ethical and philosophical precepts of the animal rights movement.

America’s First Vegan Charter School Denied Federal Funding for Removing Dairy

Lunches at public schools in America lack proper nutrition. This mother-turned-founder is taking it upon herself to build an educational curriculum for her daughter that aligns with her vegan values.

Animal Matters Episode 2: Political Leanings of Animal Rights

In this second episode of Animal Matters Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald and Sentient Media co-founder Grant Lingel discuss the political leanings and the associated values around the animal rights movement.

Animal Matters Episode 1: Series Launch

Animal Matters is a series of video discussions with Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, and Sentient Media co-founder Grant Lingel. In this first episode Glenn and Grant talk about why animal rights are important for them personally and introduce the series and its goals.

Earthling Ed: Media Bias Against Veganism?

In this video of his first podcast episode, the popular animal rights activist Earthling Ed, known for his Socratic debating style, takes a detailed look at some recent media attention that his work and arguments of other animal rights activists have garnered

Whole Foods CEO: “I Cannot Account for Our Suppliers”

When asked about the sustainability standards about its meat suppliers – Tyson and Cargill specifically…

Animal Matters: New Video Series with Glenn Greenwald

Animal Matters is a new video series featuring the Pulitzer winner Glenn Greenwald and Sentient Media’s Grant Lingel. The series will discuss all matters related to animals, animal rights, factory farming, and the political, moral, cultural, and economic considerations surrounding these matters.