Is There an End in Sight for Gestation Crates? And Your 5-A-Day

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Tyson and Blue Apron are still using gestation crates, despite the major food suppliers’ efforts to establish better animal welfare standards. Tyson’s Open Prairie brand, which supplies Blue Apron with pork chops, says most of their pigs are from farms that do not use crates, and Blue Apron has since ended its relationship with Tyson. [Bloomberg]

  1. 🗣 500,000 public comments were filed today in support of the Endangered Species Act by the Animal Welfare Institute and 16 other conservation groups. There are around 800,000 total comments in defense of endangered species at this point. [Animal Welfare Institute]
  2. 🌊 Before and after photographs of manure lagoon flooding in North Carolina hit Facebook, and it… doesn’t look good. A toxic manure lagoon flooded less than half a mile from a major waterway. [Compassion Over Killing]
  3. 🐯 Nepal now boasts 235 wild tigers, almost double the number of tigers recorded in 2009. And when there are only 4,000 tigers left in the world, every tiger counts. [World Wildlife Fund]
  4. 🌱 38 different restaurants are showcasing sustainable vegan dishes in honor of Eat for Climate Week. They represent a growing trend: in 2018, more than half of chefs added a vegan option to their menus. [LIVEKINDLY]
  5. 🤣 Octopuses on ecstasy—it’s not a joke. It’s a science experiment. And they behave much like humans on E would. [Atlantic]

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