manatee starvation caused by seagrass losses from water pollution

The Way We Eat Is Killing Manatees

Experts warn the Florida manatee is at risk of mass starvation as farm pollution continues to wipe out their primary food source.

Are we at risk for a swine flu outbreak?

What Do We Have to Fear From Swine Flu?

Most human cases of swine flu are found at agricultural fairs but there are other disease hotspots to consider, like factory farms.

Offshore Wind Isn't to Blame for Whale Deaths.

Offshore Wind Isn’t to Blame for Whale Deaths

Dominion Energy is working with federal agencies and marine life advocates to ensure offshore wind doesn’t harm vulnerable right whales.

Four Challenges Facing Cultivated Meat

Four Challenges Facing Cultivated Meat 

From government approval to cultural pushback, here’s how 2023 looks to be shaping up for the cultivated meat industry.  

Mexico poultry industry

Chickens Burned and Buried as Avian Flu Hits the Yucatán

Workers and residents say companies have downplayed avian flu, burning and burying culled birds just outside of town.

North Atlantic Right Whale

How to Save the North Atlantic Right Whale

There are ways to reduce risk to dwindling right whale populations, but only if lawmakers and industry have the will to take action.

High Seas Treaty: 5 Issues Facing Oceans

High Seas Treaty: 5 Pressing Issues Facing the World’s Oceans

Almost 200 nations have pledged to protect the high seas — but what does that mean for world oceans and the so-called blue food economy?

antibiotic resistant gene identified in feedlot water

Antibiotic Resistant Gene Found In Feedlot Water  

In a new study, scientists found an antibiotic resistant gene lurking in the bacteria of cattle feedlot water bowls.

Farmed Shrimp

America’s Farmed Shrimp Habit Is Fueling Antibiotic Resistance

Much of the farmed shrimp eaten in the U.S. is raised in India, where antibiotic use is rampant and underreported.

meat companies turn to prison labor

Factory Farms Are Sourcing Their Cheap Labor From Prisons

A new research project illuminates the connection between prisons and meat processors, and how both benefit from incarcerated labor.

how climate change killed migratory birds

How Climate Change Killed Thousands of Migratory Birds

Researchers call this effect “weather whiplash” but say sanctuaries and sustainable land strategies could help.

new study finds messages that highlight civic action and evolving together resonate

‘Eat Less Meat’ Doesn’t Work. Try This Instead.

A new study finds messages that stress civic action and collective evolution resonate better with focus groups.

toxic water testing

‘This Is Absurd’: Train Cars That Derailed in Ohio Were Labeled Non-Hazardous

Ohio Department of Natural Resources has confirmed 3,500 dead fish in waterways as well as deceased hellbender salamanders, an endangered species in the state. 

pig intelligence

New Study: How We Misjudge Animal Intelligence

We’re curious about animal intelligence but we might not want to believe it.

Danone dairy emissions

Danone’s New Climate Plan Doesn’t Deal With the Cows

Experts worry the pledge to slash methane encourages “unproven techno-fixes” over systemic solutions.

companies failing cage-free commitments

21 Brands Fail to Keep Cage-Free Promises

Wendy’s and other national brands are failing to make good on their cage-free egg commitments.

factory farms bankrolled by Rabobank

Rabobank Bankrolling Meat Industry’s Biggest Emitters

New research shows Rabobank provided global meat and dairy corporations with billions in financing.

backyard chickens and avian flu

Avian Flu Is Making it Tougher to Keep Backyard Chickens

Domestic chicken-keeping surged in popularity during lockdown. Then avian flu happened.

Diseases Are Bred on All Animal Farms, Even the Ranches

A growing body of evidence shows that both intensive and extensive farms are increasing the risk of the next pandemic.

UK government mulls law to engineer animals

Can Precision Breeding Be Good for Animal Welfare? It’s Complicated.

Campaigners say the U.K.’s Genetic Technology Bill doesn’t do enough to protect farm animals.

New Study Shows Staggering Increase in Heatstroke-Induced Chicken Culls

Between February and August of last year, more than half of commercial chicken depopulations used ventilation shutdown.

What Is a Microsanctuary

4 Principles of the Microsanctuary Movement

The microsanctuary movement gives rescuers with limited resources a way to do the work.

Animals Conquered Snowball Earth

How Animals May Have Conquered Snowball Earth

We know there were animals during Earth’s chilliest era. The question is, what did they look like?

where your caviar comes from

This Is Where Your Caviar Comes From

Touring a caviar farm gives a rare glimpse into the life of a captive sturgeon.

cop15 animal impacts

How Much Has the COP15 Biodiversity Conference Achieved for Wildlife?

At COP15, world governments are at a crossroads.

cow in Tanzania

Please Don’t Gift a Cow for the Holidays

A growing chorus of animal advocates and researchers argue farm animal gifts cause more harm than good.

factory farm expansion

Ireland Braces for Factory Farm Expansion

36 new factory farms are slated to open in Ireland, pending approval from the Irish EPA.

sheared sheep

How “Sustainable” Wool Wipes Out Wildlife and Pumps Out Emissions

Marketed to consumers as “sustainable,” this “climate-beneficial” wool is polluting the land and killing wildlife.

156 North Carolina Factory Farms at Risk for Flooding

Climate change is causing more North Carolina farms to flood, killing animals and flooding the streets with their manure.

Penguins in Climate Change

These Nests Help Penguins Survive Climate Change

Researchers in South Africa developed artificial nests to help protect penguins from extreme heat.

pigs science conflict resolution

How Pigs Resolve Conflicts, According to Science

A new study shows pigs socialize in similar ways to humans.

bee play

What We Still Don’t Get About Bees

“Bees have a richer behavior and life than we would have previously thought.”

Big Dairy Infiltrating TikTok

How Big Dairy Infiltrated TikTok

The dairy industry is targeting Gen Z with a new social media campaign.

reboot food report

End Animal Farming and Scale Up Protein Breweries

Reboot Food calls for replacing factory farms with precision fermentation.

lion cub tourism industry

New Study Highlights Harms of Captive Lion Cub Tourism

Researchers found tourists — despite their best intentions — may make life worse for the lion cubs they visit.

egg-free flu vaccines

These Flu Shots Are Better for Animals and Just as Effective, Researchers Say

More than 80 percent of flu vaccines rely on chickens confined in secret FDA facilities. But there are alternatives.

egg farm

In Some Countries, Enriched Cages Stand in the Way

Consumers say they prefer “cage-free” eggs, yet some producers are slow to adapt.

cattle ranch reforestation

In Brazil, Researchers Spent 20 Years Reforesting a Cattle Ranch

Beef production is a leading driver of climate emissions but in Brazil, a collaborative carbon sink project has returned a degraded cattle ranch to carbon-rich forest.


Toxic Pollutants a Growing Concern for Pregnant Mothers and Babies

Links between exposures to toxic pollutants, like agricultural pesticides, and maternal health outcomes remain under-researched.


Cambridge University Says It’s ‘Closing a Chapter on Meat’, but There’s Still Plenty of Beef on the Menu

One of the world’s most prestigious universities made a pledge to go meat-free but the reality has been far from sustainable.

Carribean sargassum

Besieged by Sargassum, Caribbean Islanders Are Looking for Solutions

Sargassum provides habitat for hundreds of species and food for turtles. But when it chokes the coastline, it’s a sea-life killer that smothers shallow-water habitats.


Can Vietnam’s ‘Last Bear Sanctuary’ Help End the Bile Trade?

Animal advocates are working with farmers and communities to get the last of the bile bears released to sanctuaries.


How Senegalese Fish End Up in Factory Farms

Exploiting wild fisheries for animal feed disturbs marine ecosystems, drives food insecurity and supplies an industry responsible for massive environmental pollution.


From Meat to Plant-Based, One Factory at a Time

Finland’s Meeat Food Tech is accelerating food system change by converting existing meat facilities into plant-based protein factories.

House of Chick'n

Sentient Media Spotlight: House of Chick’n Founder Chris Burnam

Chris Burnam talks about developing the perfect vegan chick’n, being a conduit for food transitions and the importance of discussing Black veganism.

Animal Rebellion

Animal Rebellion to Block U.K. Dairy Supply Until Demands Are Met

Animal Rebellion is pledging to block dairy deliveries until the government agrees to support rewilding and plant-based food system transition.

universal school meals

Making Plant-Based More Accessible Through Universal School Meals

One way to make plant-based foods more accessible is to increase the “universal meals” served at schools, prisons and hospitals.

‘Our Oceans Are Not Getting Any Healthier’: Conservationists React to Failed High Seas Treaty Talks

A UN treaty to protect international waters has been delayed for the fifth time.

baby grouse

Grouse Hunting Persists Despite Record of Damage to Wildlife and Environment

Grouse hunting kills hundreds of thousands of animals each year in the U.K. and releases 260,000 tons of carbon.

animal caregiver

Animal Sanctuaries Face a New Threat — Compassion Fatigue

“Animal caregivers tend to want to help others but not always themselves.”