Lumpy Skin disease has infected over 3.2 million cattle in India since the first outbreak in May 2022.

Crisis Unfolds on India’s Dairy Farms as Disease and Climate Change Threatens Millions

Even as a painful and lethal disease wipes out millions of cows and buffalo, India’s dairy industry keeps pumping out more milk.

image of polar bear in water, forever chemicals in wildlife

More Than 600 Species At Risk From Forever Chemicals

While the health impacts of toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl chemicals, or PFAS, are well known in humans, a new study reports how they affect a wide range of wildlife species.

image of cow on crowded feedlot, inflation reduction act, agriculture emissions

A Year Later, Inflation Reduction Act Lags on Tackling Ag Emissions

The Inflation Reduction Act was supposed to reduce emissions from food. Here’s where the money went, and why some say the bill falls short.

black and white steers gaining weight on beef feedlot in central Colorado

Six Greenwashing Terms Big Ag Is Bringing to COP28

Debunking the key concepts the world’s largest food and farming companies will be using to sway debates at the climate summit.

photo of Elsie Herring, activist, outside her home

A New Hub for Suing Factory Farms Launches

Fighting industrial meat and dairy conglomerates requires cooperation and a belief in the possibility of food justice.

image of cow and her baby, orca is a cow

Why Do We Grieve One Kind of Cow but Not the Other?

The genetic link between orcas and cows might surprise you.

image of scrambled eggs in a cast iron pan, eggs made with precision fermentation

These Eggs Are Made With Precision Fermentation, and Consumers Are Eager To Try Them

Understanding the science behind “lab-grown” food might help with acceptance.

image of orange dress of person pushing shopping cart and their hands, story: meat-industry funded group protein pact

What You Need to Know About the Meat Industry-Funded ‘Protein Pact’

It’s the latest tactic to downplay meat’s climate impact

coconut and flower offering for holi in India, story on vegan leather from waste

How Leftover Temple Flowers and Coconut Water Became Vegan Leather

An intrepid group of entrepreneurs and researchers in India are taking wasted materials and turning them into vegan leather.

an unidentified supporter hugging defendant Wayne Hsiung, open rescue trial Sonoma

The Latest Open Rescue Trial Is Now Underway. Here’s the Latest.

Defendants face jail time for removing 70 birds from factory farms and providing them with medical care.

image of worker hands with feed in front of image of cow, Biden department farm labor investigations

Biden Labor Department Inspected Just 879 Farms Last Year — Factory Farms Included

A new report finds investigations at an all-time low at a time when farm workers, including children, are perhaps more vulnerable than ever.

close up of cow, meat consumption study

By Cutting Meat and Milk Consumption in Half, We Could Stop Deforestation

A new study shows replacing half of the meat and milk we eat with plant-based alternatives would cut agricultural emissions by almost a third.

image of woman studying bottle of almond milk, Tofurky files lawsuit to plant-based label law in Texas

Tofurky Sues Texas Over Latest Plant-Based Labeling Law

The Texas law could force plant-based companies to spend millions in redesign expenses and still end up afoul of the vague requirements.

a pair of older-appearing hands grasps a bowl, seated at a table, Blue Zones docuseries debuts on Netflx

‘Blue Zones’: New Netflix Docuseries Highlights Plant-Based Longevity

A new four-part series on Netflix explores the secrets of centenarians around the world, including how they eat.

image of pig in factory farm peaking out from between bars, EATS Act

200+ Members of Congress Now Oppose the EATS Act

Three charts document the lawmakers taking a position on the controversial EATS Act, and the votes still up for grabs.

image of whale what is the future of whaling in iceland

Iceland Decides Not to Ban Whaling After All, Despite “Horrific” Methods

Iceland’s government has declined to ban whaling, putting it at odds with advocates and public opinion.

image of co2 tank, with warning

The Hidden Climate Cost of the Bacon on Your Plate

Gassing America’s pigs with carbon dioxide could be the emissions equivalent of an extra 6,500 cars on the road every year. And it should be on camera.

image of two sticks of margarine on wood plate held by two hands, history of margarine

What the History of Margarine Can Teach Us About Current Plant-Based Battles

The dairy industry has been fighting plant-based alternatives for a long time — but historically, it hasn’t exactly worked.

image of hens in cages with exposed bones, Lidl egg farm investigation

Hidden Camera Footage Shows How Hens Live on Lidl Supplier Egg Farm  

A new investigation from Animal Justice Project reveals trampled and rotting hens on a farm that supplies eggs to the grocery giant Lidl.

Hawaii octopus farm - image of an octopus in a tank

What Really Happened at That Controversial Octopus Farm in Hawaii

A new coalition has asked state officials to investigate the notorious Hawaii octopus farm and terminate its lease at a state-run research park.

image of kid eating plant-based burger

The New Science the Plant-Based Industry Needs To Know

New research suggests plant-based burgers need to be more than tasty, cheap and convenient.

image of orca, story of orca called lolita and toki

Inside the Fight to Release the Orca Some Called Lolita

Before the oldest orca in captivity died earlier this month, advocates and researchers argued over the plan for her release.

image of tribal ceremony

Time To Dance the Salmon Home

This summer a Tribal ceremony celebrated the return of sacred fish, lost for generations.

image of llama

How a Family Cares for Llamas in Guatemala — and Teaches Climate Action

A family in Guatemala chose to keep llamas rather than sell them for meat. Two decades later, they teach tourists how to be more sustainable.

image of coral reef under ocean. coral reef crisis

Coral Reefs Are in Crisis. The Way We Eat Makes It Worse.

According to a 20-year study in Nature, reefs closer to pollution fared worse in recovering from damage caused by climate change.

image of dairy cow about to drink from trough, Colorado river water crisis

Dairy Farms Are Still Draining the Colorado River Dry, Says New Report

More than 40 million people depend on this vital U.S. waterway.

close up image of cow, animal personality research

Does Animal Personality Research Actually Help Animals?

By weeding out “undesirable” personality traits, farmers could create vast herds of animals with emotions ideal for factory farm life, and death.

image of dog eating out of bowl, cultivated pet food

Cultivated Pet Food Meat Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

How Biocraft is attempting to improve pet food by making it allergen-free and healthier for animals — not to mention, far more ethical.

image of Cory Booker, politics of farm animals

You Can Love Farm Animals and Still Run for Office, New Research Shows

A Harvard researcher tested a field of hypothetical candidates and found talking about animal welfare could actually boost voter support.

image of pig in transport, Smithfield Foods is owned by China

Smithfield Foods Is Owned by China, but Pollution and Price-Fixing Is the Real Problem

Rumors and conspiracy theories about Chinese ownership of a major U.S. pork producer abound, but concerns might be misplaced.

image of pig on industrial farm staring at camera, african swine fever study

African Swine Fever Would Spread Rapidly Through U.S. Pork Industry, Study Finds

An outbreak is killing pigs around the world, and would likely spread quickly in the United States.

seafood vulnerable to climate change, image of person's hands holding oysters

Seafood Is Extremely Vulnerable to Climate Change, Study Finds

Over 90 percent of food harvested from marine and freshwater environments is at risk, challenging the idea that “blue food” is more sustainable.

image of stretchy cheese in pupusa, lab-grown dairy

Lab-Grown Milk Has Huge Potential to Disrupt Dairy, New Study Shows

Milk made with precision fermentation could take up to 33 percent of the dairy industry’s market share.

college student eating, plant-based defaults

Colleges Reduce Emissions by Offering Plant-Based Options by Default, Study Finds

Heard of plant-based defaults? It’s a simple idea that could be a major help in the fight against climate change.

close up of boat, industrial fishing harms

Industrial Fishing Harms More Than Just Marine Life

From dwindling fish to decimated communities in the Global South, nothing about the growing demand for seafood is sustainable.

image of horse on farm, horse blood farm

The Blood of Pregnant Mares Fuels Factory Farming – Literally

Female horses are drained of blood to provide a hormone used in pork production worldwide.

image of dairy calf, What Really Happens to Calves Discarded by Irish Dairy Brands Like Kerrygold

Here’s What Actually Happens to Male Calves After Irish Dairy Brands Like Kerrygold Are Done

A new investigation documents abuse and a 30 hour journey with no food or water.

image of chicken peeking out of basket, is avian flu endemic?

Is Avian Flu Already Endemic? Here’s What Scientists Know

The “sick bird markets” of Indonesia hold answers for our future with bird flu, a growing body of research suggests.

person scratching pig's chin, sanctuary strategy

Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary Is Strategizing to Save Animals

Michele Waldman realized she couldn’t save all the farm animals. But each cow, pig and hen at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary serves as an ambassador on behalf of the billions.

crab traps - image of crab

A New Program Cleaning Up Crab Traps Is a Start – But Is It Enough?

Abandoned traps catch roughly 3.3 million crabs each year, on top of decimating seagrasses, coral and endangered whales.

Good Meat pilot plant bioreactor, Cultivated Meat study

What the Media Keeps Getting Wrong About That Cultivated Meat Study

A new study says lab grown meat is worse for the planet than beef, but what do the numbers actually say?

image of pig, What Is EATS Act

What the EATS Act Is, and Why It Matters for Animals

A coalition of lawmakers are backing the EATS Act in hopes of gutting the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the welfare provisions of California’s Prop 12.

Omeat cell-cultivated meat, image of plate and spaghetti and meatballs

Can Cultivated Meat Be Truly Slaughter-Free? Omeat Thinks So

As cultivated meat clears U.S. approval for sales, Omeat launches with a new strategy to ditch the controversial fetal bovine serum.

2023 Farm Bill, picture of a cow with ear tag

What the 2023 Farm Bill Could Change for Animals and Farmers

The 2023 Farm Bill offers lawmakers an opportunity to transform the food system but will they take it?

North Carolina manure lagoon storage, pork industry marketing

The Pork Industry Is Targeting People of Color – While Still Polluting Their Water 

Amid the World Pork Expo, the industry reframes “sustainability” and targets the very communities it pollutes.

Farm Sanctuary in Turkey, picture of camel

In Turkey, a Farm Sanctuary Became a Haven for all Animals

A farm sanctuary in Turkey rescued animals during the earthquake, and supported their humans too.

cow on feedlot, California climate law

A California Bill Could Reveal Corporate America’s Climate Secrets

The requirement to disclose scope 3 emissions — from the cows, not just the kitchen — is what’s rankling the food and agriculture industry.

avian flu virus mutation -- chickens in a backyard farm

Avian Flu Is Mutating. How Worried Should We Be?

A new study published in Nature finds genetic changes are making recent outbreaks of avian flu more severe in mammals.

In India, Climate Change Is Devastating Animals and Farmers Alike

In India, Climate Change Is Devastating Animals and Farmers Alike

A vicious cycle of poverty, climate change, and animal suffering makes dairy farming unsustainable.

Animal Welfare Economics

Meet the Economists Trying to Put a Price on Animal Suffering

Farm animal suffering is a hidden cost of cheap meat. Exactly how much is it worth?