cow cattle field
How Grass-Fed Beef Is Duping Consumers, Again

Meat producers are trying to trick the rapidly growing sector of eco-conscious consumers into believing that they are partners in the solution to climate change. And people are eating it up.

Collaboration and Activism: Strength Through Alliances

The fourth installment of Sentient Sessions explored the power and opportunity that can arise when movements join forces.

Why Aren’t We All Boycotting Factory Farms?

Social movements have long used consumer abstentions to help achieve their goals. It’s time to acknowledge and adopt a boycott on animal products as a key tactic in the fight for justice.

farmed animal pig
World Day for Farmed Animals Sheds Light on Flawed Food System

In the time you’ve spent reading this article, roughly 231,396 animals have been slaughtered for food.

dairy cow calf
‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Is More Fact Than Fiction for Dairy Cows

The next big dystopian fertility story may have already been written. Around the world, cows suffer reproductive exploitation at the hands of dairy farmers.

Letter From Our Founder

Sentient Media was founded to help bring animal welfare and animal rights issues into the mainstream.

How to Build an Investigative Story with Lee Fang of The Intercept

Watch the fourth installment of our new speaker series, Sentient Sessions, for valuable insights and advice from a veteran investigative journalist.

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Activists Make the Public Uncomfortable—But Why?

Activism can be effective, even when it is unpopular. Public disfavor is not always an indicator of whether or not a movement will succeed.

highway to health
Interview with Tanya O’Callaghan and Derrick Green, Hosts of New Plant-Based Travel Show

The plant-based travel show, Highway to Health, takes the viewers through fascinating places around the world. Find out what’s in store for season one.

common octopus creature
Can We Stop “Alienating” Octopuses?

Octopuses look extraterrestrial but are not alien in any way, shape, or form. We need to be mindful that referring to octopuses as “alien” may be facilitating their exploitation.