How to Spot A Happy Horse

How to spot a happy horse: Look for pointed ears and listen for snorts, apparently. Horses living in restricted conditions snorted twice as much in the pasture than when they were in stalls. [PLOS]

  1. China will now pay an extra $14.95 per metric ton of soybeans from the United States as a result of Trump’s new trade tariffs. Farmers are looking elsewhere (like South America) for cheap sources of animal feed. [South China Morning Post
  2. One of the top requests on #CowAppreciationDay at Domino’s was vegan cheese. [Domino’s]
  3. California is one of four states that require eggs imported from out of state to be produced by the same animal welfare standards upheld for those produced in state. [Los Angeles Times]
  4. 18 million alkaline bees help pollinate alfalfa seed farms on the Washington-Oregon state line. Farmers coexist with the little buzzers and in return, they see crop yields 50 percent higher per acre than anyone else growing alfalfa seeds in the western United States. [NPR]
  5. An early screening of Dominion, a new documentary about the way humans treat animals, sold out in Beijing. Meanwhile, 39% of Chinese consumers say they’re reducing their meat consumption and 60% say they’ll eat more fruits and vegetables instead. [Towards A Compassionate Nation]