How to Support Animal Welfare in the Farm Bill

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World Farm Animal Day came and went! Celebrate by supporting animal welfare in the 2018 Farm Bill. Here’s a sample email addressed to your member of Congress that expresses your support for the Pet and Women Safety Act and Parity in Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act. Plus, it encourages them to give the King Amendment the thumbs down. Act today. [ASPCA]

  1. 👏 After the wild California condor population dropped to 22 in 1982, officials moved all of them into captivity. Today, there are 300 California condors in the wild, while 200 remain in captivity. [NPR]
  2. 🐮 The world’s largest dairy company reported a loss for the first time ever this month, and it’s a big one. Fonterra reported a $130 million loss between 2017 and 2018. Is this the beginning of the end for big dairy? Moo once for yes. [Mercy For Animals]
  3. 🌱 JUST plant-based eggs outsold chicken eggs in its first week on the shelves at an unnamed food outlet. The Silicon Valley startup plans to roll out JUST chicken next. “The only reason I choose to eat the way I do is because I want to feel that what I eat every day is somewhat aligned with the values I believe in, like kindness and compassion,” CEO Josh Tetrick told the Hong Kong Tatler. [Vegconomist]
  4. 🍩 There’s a vegan donut war going down! The kind folks at Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme need your help deciding whose cruelty-free circle of goodness takes the cake. [Compassion Over Killing]
  5. 😂 A horse walks into a bar in Paris. But seriously, just watch. [Guardian]