Vegan holiday roast with veggies

7 Tips for a More Sustainable Holiday Celebration

From plant-based eggnog to recycled wrapping paper, here are the best ways to curb your environmental impact.

bycatch seal

The Problem of Bycatch and How It Harms Marine Life, Explained

Commercial fishing decimates coral reefs and endangered species alike — but can it be stopped?

are chickens smart

Chickens Are Smart and Have Feelings, Contrary to ‘Bird Brain’ Stereotypes

Contrary to stereotypes, the science proves chickens are intelligent animals who suffer.

Red panda on a branch

What the Endangered Species Act Does, and Why It Matters

The Act is turning 50 this year — but how successful has it been at protecting endangered species?

Hands holding a vine of tomatoes.

15 of the World’s Favorite Foods Could Disappear Because Of Climate Change

The impact of climate change — from floods and drought to extreme heat and cold — is ravaging farms across the world.

A closeup of a cow's face

How Long Cows Live — If They’re Actually Given the Chance

The record for the oldest living cow might surprise you.

Two hands holding coriander in a garden

What Food Justice Is and Why It Matters, Explained

The food justice movement seeks to create a fair and sustainable food system.

A burger with a bite out of it.

Meat Consumption Is Rising — But Not in the Way You Think

9 charts explain exactly how Americans consume meat.

A man eating a plant-based burger.

Plant-Based Meat: Healthy Option or Vegan Junk Food?

Plant-based meat comes in many forms, some healthier than others.

A brown and white cow in a field.

Beef Tallow Is the Latest Skin Care Craze to hit TikTok

Read this before you slather your face with beef fat.

Various fish in the water

What Fish Farming Really Means for the Environment, Animals and People

Despite the seafood industry’s claims, eating fish may not be as healthy or sustainable as consumers have been led to believe.

Closeup of a turkey

5 Myths About Your Turkey Dinner

The real facts about this American tradition might surprise you.

A shopping cart in a grocery store

What Are Food Deserts and Why Do They Exist?

A key source of food injustice and insecurity in the United States, explained.

Assorted candy.

This Scary Ingredient Might Be Lurking in Your Halloween Treats

Derived from boiled pig and cow tissue and bones, gelatin is an ingredient in some, but not all, Halloween candy.

A commercial fisherman.

Overfishing Harms the Environment. Here’s How to Stop It.

How commercial fishing is destroying ecosystems around the world.

An elephant in the wild.

5 Animals Who Grieve Just Like Humans

Magpies hold funerals and elephants travel to pay their respects.

An open rescue movement activist reaches into a cage of birds during an open rescue with Animal Equality

The Open Rescue Movement for Farm Animals, Explained

The tactic of rescuing injured farm animals has helped animal rights activists win more court cases and nab the media spotlight.

GMO chicken

Are Factory Farmed Chickens Just GMOs, Actually?

The meat industry breeds chickens to grow as fast as possible. Here’s how they do it.

image of Amazon rainforest, Amazon deforestation

Amazon Deforestation — How Much of the Rainforest Is Left?

Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is now at a six-year low, but factory farming continues to drive destruction.

a injured chicken lays on the ground of an intensive agriculture broiler chicken farm

The Rise of Industrial Agriculture, Explained

Everything you ever wanted to know about intensive agriculture, and the efforts to make it more sustainable.

image of guinea pig, animal testing cosmetics

Cosmetic Animal Testing Is Cruel – But There Are Alternatives

Animal testing is an outdated method of testing the safety of cosmetics. While many companies still rely on it, consumers are demanding cruelty-free alternatives.

image of cat with food bowl, pet food environmental impact

Pet Food’s Environmental Impact Can’t Be Ignored 

It’s time to talk about the substantial pawprint of our pets’ food.

image of pig, pig intelligence explainer

Pigs Are Intelligent and Clean Animals, Actually

Pigs suffer a bad reputation — but science shows they are smart, caring and even clean.

image of firefighter rescuing pig in Sierra foothills fires, how do wildfires affect animals explainer

How Wildfires Affect Animals, and What You Can Do About It

The increasing number of wildfires are devastating for wild animals, but they harm farm animals greatly too.

image of corn harvest, monoculture

What Monoculture Farming Is, and Why It Matters

Monoculture impacts our food system and environment — but most people have only a vague idea what it entails.


The 30 Most Intelligent Animals in the World Might Surprise You

Ranging from huge to tiny, some of the smartest animals fly under the radar.

image of scottie dog taking a bite of food or treat from hand, pet food industry explainer

The Pet Food Industry’s Future, from Plant-Based to Cultivated Meat

Contrary to popular belief, the pet food industry is not its own, separate part of the supply chain. It relies on leftover meat produced for human consumption.

Sea Otter 841 frolicking in the water, How do animals demonstrate intelligence

Animals Reveal Their Intelligence in Surprising Ways

There are many types of intelligence in the animal kingdom, but human bias might mean we underestimate just how smart many animals are.

image of beef cattle on pasture, regenerative agriculture explainer

The Promises and Pitfalls of Regenerative Agriculture, Explained

Despite the massive amount of public and private funding flowing into regenerative agriculture, research shows it doesn’t live up to the climate hype. 

close-up of insect with compound eyes, definition of sentience

What ‘Sentience’ Means, and Why the Concept Matters for Animals

The term means different things to different people, but here’s what you need to know.

Curtis Brown, Behaviour and Enrichment Manager at Soi Dog check on a group of blind dogs in their kennel.

The Dog Meat Trade Is Still Legal in Some Countries – Here’s What You Need To Know

Here’s what you need to know about the dog meat industry, and the western hypocrisies about eating animals it reveals.

image of whale close up, whale hunting explained

Whale Hunting Still Exists in 3 Countries, but It Is Declining

Despite decreasing demand for whale meat and dwindling populations, the hunt for whales continues.

close-up of an infant pig, farm sanctuaries

What Farm Sanctuaries Do, and How to Support Them

Farm sanctuaries provide a second chance for animals used for food. Here’s what you need to know about these safe havens, and how to help them.

bee visiting flowers

15 Animals Who Help the Environment and How They Do It

Many animals contribute to the health of our ecosystem, but these 15 in particular are overachievers.

image of child's hands cupped for stream of water, Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act Is Important — but a New Supreme Court Decision Limits It

A new ruling threatens the power of one of the most important environmental laws in the United States.

image of polar bear, animals most affected by climate change

Which Animals Are Most Affected by Climate Change, Explained

We’re nearing or have already arrived at the 6th Great Extinction — only this time, the crisis is manmade.

wild orcas off Puget Sound, how many orcas are left

Are Orcas Endangered? Some Are, and the Species Appears to Be Fighting Back

Commercial fishing threatens marine life — and it seems orcas are trying to do something about it.

image of machinery harvesting corn on field, what are farm subsidies

What Farm Subsidies Are and Why They Matter, Explained

Farm subsidies make meat and dairy much cheaper – but fruits and vegetables? Not so much. Here’s why.

captive primate with person taking photo with phone, pros and cons of zoos

Are Zoos Good or Bad for Animals? The Argument, Explained

Debates about the ethics of zoos abound — but when it comes to animal welfare, there are certainly more cons than pros.

image of bee at flower, How Do Bees Help the Environment

How Bees Help the Environment and Humans

Why it’s crucial we protect these extremely helpful insects — and what’s at stake if we fail to do so.

image of pig, prop 12

When Does Prop 12 Go Into Effect — and Will It Be Properly Enforced?

California’s Prop 12 faced industry opposition because it has huge implications for animal welfare. Now that it’s been upheld by the Supreme Court, here’s what’s next.

image of cow drinking, how does extreme heat affect farm animals

Extreme Heat Is Deadly for Farm Animals — and Too Often, They Receive No Mercy

One ‘solution’ employed for overheated animals on factory farms? Mass suffocation.

image of hands around burger, plant-based meat companies

15 Plant-Based Meat Companies You Should Know

The plant-based food industry has exploded in recent years, with plant-based meats igniting the conversation about the future of food.

image of sheep in transport truck, sheep farming

What Sheep Farming Really Means For Animals and the Environment

Like many other forms of agriculture, sheep farming has become increasingly industrialized. Here’s what you need to know.

image of orca with open mouth, how smart are orcas

Are Orcas Smart Enough to Plot Against Humans? Their Intelligence, Explained

A series of seemingly coordinated attacks against fishing vessels has the public paying attention to orcas. Here’s what you need to know about this remarkable species.

image of pig on factory farm, what is the animal welfare act

The Animal Welfare Act Actually Doesn’t Protect Most Animals

Why are so many animals left out of the Animal Welfare Act? We explain the history of the law, and its shortcomings.

image of two defendants Animal advocates Amy Soranno and Nick Schafer, what is the difference between animal welfare and animal rights

What Is the Difference Between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare?

Animal welfare advocates and animal rights groups are sometimes at odds. In this explainer, we dig into where the two approaches diverge.

image of wagyu cow on pasture, is wagyu beef humanely raised?

Are Wagyu Cows Raised More Humanely Than Other Cows?

Wagyu beef is one of the most expensive — and consistently mislabeled — foods on the market. In this explainer, we look into what the “wagyu” label means for the c

person measuring shake powder what is ultra-processed food

What Is Ultra-Processed Food and Why Is It Unhealthy?

Ultra-processed foods are designed to be addictively delicious. Just how unhealthy are they and what are the processed foods to avoid? We explain.

image of man hosing down dairy operation, right to farm laws

What Are Right to Farm Laws?

Right to farm laws are increasingly used to protect industrial meat operations from answering for their air and water pollution.