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Hawaii octopus farm - image of an octopus in a tank

What Really Happened at That Controversial Octopus Farm in Hawaii

A new coalition has asked state officials to investigate the notorious Hawaii octopus farm and terminate its lease at a state-run research park.

image of orca, story of orca called lolita and toki

Inside the Fight to Release the Orca Some Called Lolita

Before the oldest orca in captivity died earlier this month, advocates and researchers argued over the plan for her release.

image of machinery harvesting corn on field, what are farm subsidies

What Farm Subsidies Are and Why They Matter, Explained

Farm subsidies make meat and dairy much cheaper – but fruits and vegetables? Not so much. Here’s why.

captive primate with person taking photo with phone, pros and cons of zoos

Are Zoos Good or Bad for Animals? The Argument, Explained

Debates about the ethics of zoos abound — but when it comes to animal welfare, there are certainly more cons than pros.

pig confined on farm, EATS Act threatens state laws

8 Key Laws Under Threat From the EATS Act

The new bill represents the single biggest challenge to animal welfare laws, but food safety and honey bee protections are also at risk.

image of pig, prop 12

When Does Prop 12 Go Into Effect — and Will It Be Properly Enforced?

California’s Prop 12 faced industry opposition because it has huge implications for animal welfare. Now that it’s been upheld by the Supreme Court, here’s what’s next.

image of pig on factory farm, what is the animal welfare act

The Animal Welfare Act Actually Doesn’t Protect Most Animals

Why are so many animals left out of the Animal Welfare Act? We explain the history of the law, and its shortcomings.

image of two defendants Animal advocates Amy Soranno and Nick Schafer, what is the difference between animal welfare and animal rights

What Is the Difference Between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare?

Animal welfare advocates and animal rights groups are sometimes at odds. In this explainer, we dig into where the two approaches diverge.

person scratching pig's chin, sanctuary strategy

Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary Is Strategizing to Save Animals

Michele Waldman realized she couldn’t save all the farm animals. But each cow, pig and hen at Rosie’s Farm Sanctuary serves as an ambassador on behalf of the billions.

image of man hosing down dairy operation, right to farm laws

What Are Right to Farm Laws?

Right to farm laws are increasingly used to protect industrial meat operations from answering for their air and water pollution.

summer reads - stack of open books

Sentient Media’s 2023 Summer Book and Podcast Guide

Looking for a few intriguing summer reads and podcasts to deepen your understanding of the food system? We’ve got you covered.

Farm Sanctuary in Turkey, picture of camel

In Turkey, a Farm Sanctuary Became a Haven for all Animals

A farm sanctuary in Turkey rescued animals during the earthquake, and supported their humans too.

Farm bill explainer. Image shows man in tractor on farm.

The Farm Bill Is Crucial. Here’s Why.

The farm bill is a collection of laws that governs our food system, including subsidies and federal nutrition benefits known as SNAP.

LA Teen Sues School District and USDA over Milk Mandate

LA Teen Sues School District — And the USDA — To Promote Nondairy Milk

A growing number of students are fighting back against the government’s milk mandate.

How Cattle Ranchers in the West Cut Off Indigenous Water Rights

How Cattle Ranchers in the West Cut Off Indigenous Water Rights

Big Ag has demanded billions of federal dollars to reduce its water usage.

Supreme Court Upholds Prop 12

Supreme Court Upholds Prop 12

In a 5-4 majority opinion, the Court upheld the rights of California voters to require pork sold in the state meet animal welfare requirements. 

Veganism is not anti-Indigenous

Veganism Is Not Anti-Indigenous

Advocates for humans, animals and our ecosystems are natural allies in the fight against oppressive colonial structures.

How Industrial Meat Oppresses Indigenous People

How Industrial Meat Oppresses Indigenous People

Factory farming has harmed the earth and countless animals, and changed the way we eat.

Indigenous Voices for Saving Animals and Earth

Indigenous Voices for Saving Animals and Earth

Indigenous Voices for Saving Animals and Earth is a series of essays from Indigenous peoples illuminating perspectives on the past and future.

Honorable Murray Sinclair

Honorable Murray Sinclair On Indigenous Obligation to Beings of Creation

The Honorable Murray Sinclair worked to pass The Jane Goodall Act, which would turn Indigenous teachings on animals and wildlife into law.

How opting out of meat can restore mauri or life essence

How Opting Out of Meat Can Restore Mauri – Life Essence – in Aotearoa  

Grass-roots activists and larger Māori organizations are working to introduce and restore “te ao Māori” at a national government level.

meat companies turn to prison labor

Factory Farms Are Sourcing Their Cheap Labor From Prisons

A new research project illuminates the connection between prisons and meat processors, and how both benefit from incarcerated labor.

what is animal welfare

What Is Animal Welfare?

Public opinion polls find strong levels of support for animal welfare laws aimed at improving the treatment of farm animals.

Do Circuses Still Abuse Animals?

Though public opinion polls suggest most people do not support use of animals for circus entertainment, the practice continues unabated.

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In this course, you’ll learn everything from how to create a personal brand on social media to how to use platforms to create change in the animal protection movement.

UK government mulls law to engineer animals

Can Precision Breeding Be Good for Animal Welfare? It’s Complicated.

Campaigners say the U.K.’s Genetic Technology Bill doesn’t do enough to protect farm animals.

What Is a Microsanctuary

4 Principles of the Microsanctuary Movement

The microsanctuary movement gives rescuers with limited resources a way to do the work.

Explainer: What Is Animal Testing?

Vaccines, medications and cosmetics rely on animal testing even though the process is cruel, unreliable and often inaccurate.

cow in Tanzania

Please Don’t Gift a Cow for the Holidays

A growing chorus of animal advocates and researchers argue farm animal gifts cause more harm than good.

lion cub tourism industry

New Study Highlights Harms of Captive Lion Cub Tourism

Researchers found tourists — despite their best intentions — may make life worse for the lion cubs they visit.