Puffins Don’t Have Enough Food to Eat

If seawater temperatures in Iceland increase by just one degree, which it has since the last cold cycle between 1965-1995, the ability of each species to survive the winter changes, too.

For puffins, that means they have to fly further to find a source of food. Without enough food to eat, the adults make the instinctive choice and feed themselves first. Today, 40% of the puffin chick population in Iceland is starving. [New York Times]

Your Five-A-Day

  1. ❌ A federal judge blocked the first grizzly hunting season in 40 years. The order came just two days before Idaho and Wyoming issued permits for 23 bears to be killed. [The Hill]
  2. 🌡 According to fossil record from the past 20,000 years, Earth’s ecosystems are changing must faster than we anticipated. If we stay on script, we’ll hit the 4 degree Celsius temperature increase by 2100. [Washington Post]
  3. 🐙 There are 30 different combinations of arms and legs and bodies in the animal kingdom. Check out a map of the body types based on 2,000 different anatomical features among 210 animal groups. [The Conversation]
  4. 🙌 The California Senate just unanimously voted to ban the use of animals in cosmetic testing. The rules would be the strictest in the U.S. if signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown. [California Legislature]
  5. 🐮 Can the Netherlands keep animal protein consumption to less than 40% of total protein consumption by 2030? It’s an ambitious new goal to try to meet the emissions standards set for 2050. [Farmers Guardian]