VIDEO: How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

pig farm hand

Plant-based campaigners Million Dollar Vegan explain the fundamental changes necessary to avoid the next pandemic. The good news is that we can take pandemics off the menu and, to do so, we need look no further than our plates.

Hunting and animal farming served their purpose for millennia of human population growth but now, in the 21st century, such endeavors are no longer necessary.

We must be brutally honest with ourselves. Killing animals is archaic and unethical, and it is killing us too. Our current system is broken: it is cruel, unsustainable, and extremely unsafe.

For years, experts have been warning us that a pandemic like COVID-19—or worse, like the 1918 flu that killed an estimated 50-100 million people—would come, and that when it did it would be a virus of our own hatching.

We can’t keep doing this. We can’t keep breeding and killing animals by the trillions as if doing so won’t have consequences. We can’t keep cutting down rainforests and destroying wild habitats without exposing ourselves to the deadly pathogens they house, and we can’t continue to greedily exploit nature and expect our children not to have to pay the price.

They will—we all will—unless we change our eating habits.

For most of us, eating animals is an indulgence—not a necessity—and it is one that could hurt us all. The time has come to ask ourselves what we truly value most: the safety of our families and loved ones or the taste of animal flesh?

Experts warn that if we don’t act now, we may not have another chance to.

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