A cookbook showing a recipe for aquafaba meringues.

Will Climate Cookbooks Change How We Eat?

Sustainable diets have been around for ages, but an emerging cookbook genre signals a new appetite for change.

image of orcas underwater, Sentient Media podcast

The Truth About the Orca “Uprising” With Sarah DeWeerdt

​​In this podcast episode, Executive Director Ana Bradley interviews science journalist Sarah DeWeerdt about recent orca “uprisings.”

image of chicken sitting on dirt floor, modern meat production

There’s Nothing Natural About Modern Meat

Amid the fake beef culture wars, why does the “naturalness” of meat go unquestioned?

image of man eating juicy burger -- plant-based backlash

The Backlash to Plant-Based Meat Has a Sneaky, if Not Surprising, Explanation

During the pandemic, plant-based meat consumption and media coverage exploded. Now, a host of trend pieces decry its demise. That shift is no organic accident.

Image of Jennifer Jacquet, podcast transcript Sentient Media - octopus farming

How to Stop Octopus Farming with Dr. Jennifer Jacquet

Dr. Jacquet discusses the growing octopus farm industry, including the world’s first octopus factory farm proposed by Nueva Pescanova.

summer reads - stack of open books

Sentient Media’s 2023 Summer Book and Podcast Guide

Looking for a few intriguing summer reads and podcasts to deepen your understanding of the food system? We’ve got you covered.

How Cattle Ranchers in the West Cut Off Indigenous Water Rights

How Cattle Ranchers in the West Cut Off Indigenous Water Rights

Big Ag has demanded billions of federal dollars to reduce its water usage.

Veganism is not anti-Indigenous

Veganism Is Not Anti-Indigenous

Advocates for humans, animals and our ecosystems are natural allies in the fight against oppressive colonial structures.

How Industrial Meat Oppresses Indigenous People

How Industrial Meat Oppresses Indigenous People

Factory farming has harmed the earth and countless animals, and changed the way we eat.

Indigenous Voices for Saving Animals and Earth

Indigenous Voices for Saving Animals and Earth

Indigenous Voices for Saving Animals and Earth is a series of essays from Indigenous peoples illuminating perspectives on the past and future.

plant-based history of the Dine people

The Fascinating Plant-based History of the Diné People

Often called Navajo, the Diné people were best known for herding sheep. Yet this Indigenous tribe originally ate a plant-rich diet of crops like beans, corn and squash.

Moby Sentient Media Podcast

Moby on Punk Rock, Veganism and the Media

In this conversation, Moby—musician, songwriter, producer and animal rights activist—and Sentient Media’s founder, Mikko Järvenpää discuss punk rock’s tie to veganism, animal agriculture’s impact on the world around us, American media’s coverage of animals (or lack thereof) and Moby’s new film.

The Month in a Minute: February 2023

Media recap of the top stories in agriculture, climate, science and justice in 60 seconds.

George Monbiot v Russell Brand

George Monbiot Debunks Russell Brand’s Far-right Farming Conspiracy Theories: The Correction

New Video: The Guardian columnist explains what’s actually behind the Dutch farmer protests and the truth about nitrate pollution as part of Sentient Media original series The Correction.

Leah Garces on Sentient Media podcast

Sentient Media Podcast: How Farmers Live Under the Thumb of Corporations with Leah Garcés 

President of Mercy for Animals, Leah Garcés, shares the truth about how farming works in the United States.

chatbot chatgpt talks to sentient media

We Asked ChatGPT How to Fix Our Food System

What does ChatGPT think about factory farming?

Nicholas Carter Sentient Media Podcast

Sentient Media Podcast: Nicholas Carter: The Facts About Food Production

From feeding cows seaweed to local vs imported food to regenerative agriculture, Nicholas Carter delivers the facts about the impact of how we eat and what we can do about it.

Chris Eubanks Sentient Media Spotlight

Sentient Spotlight: Chris Eubanks

“Once we all realize that all of our oppressions are interlinked, all the movements will benefit”

Turkey Shortage

Media Gets Christmas Turkey Shortage All Wrong

In The Correction, Sentient Media editors critique how the media covers animals.

Sentient Media podcast Brian Kateman

Sentient Media Podcast: Celebrating Wins in Meat Reduction, with Brian Kateman

In this episode, Brian Kateman shares his thoughts on celebrating wins, why longtermism could actually be a bad idea for the future of life on earth and more.

Frank Mitloehner

Money and Miscommunication: The Case of Frank Mitloehner

A new investigation has revealed millions in industry funding to a UC Davis professor who downplays factory farming’s role in the climate crisis.

Dr. Kwane

Project Street Vet’s Dr. Kwane Stewart

An interview with the veterinarian providing care to companion animals living with homeless residents across California.

food waste rescue

Saving Food Waste From Landfill, One Whatsapp Message at a Time

Foodsharing has rescued 178 million pounds of food from landfill since 2012. Yet experts say more should be done to combat food waste on a global scale.


The Correction: Surf, Turf…Or Plants?

A recent article in Popular Science touts “sustainably-sourced seafood” without reporting on the massive damage caused by industrial fishing and aquaculture.

White House

The Problem with the New White House Nutrition Strategy

The plan relies heavily on meat and dairy industry donations while mostly ignoring the power of plant-based diets.

pigs in animal farms

How the Media Greenwashes Industrial Pig Farming in Malaysia

Media coverage often misses the root cause of factory farm pollution.

Jasmin Singer

Sentient Media Podcast: Hope and Faith in Activism with Jasmin Singer

In this episode, Jasmin Singer shares her take on judgment, why reporting from the crossroads of various movements is so important and the role of faith and hope in activism.

plant-based packaging

No, Shifting to Plant-Based Diets Will Not Cause Massive Job Cuts

News reports of a recent Cornell study got the numbers wrong — shifting to plant-based diets will not cause massive farm job losses.

pig with oranges

Sentient Media Spotlight: Meet Farm Sanctuary’s Nirva Patel

“Meeting a cow or a sheep is just like meeting a new person…They may not be human, but you hear their stories and know they have the ability to suffer and create friendships.”

Sentient Media Podcast with Monique Koch

Sentient Media Podcast: Progression Over Perfection with Monique Koch

In this episode, Monique Koch shares her story including her take on unlearning habits and beliefs and how the representation of vegans in the media has changed.

monkey testing

What This Mother Jones Story Got Wrong on Primate Testing

A recent Mother Jones story on the shortage of lab monkeys failed to ask questions about the ethics of animal testing.

Starbucks Coffee

Yes, Starbucks Should Drop Its Plant Milk Surcharge — and Do A Lot More

Starbucks could easily drop its plant milk surcharge. If it believes its own climate rhetoric, it can’t afford not to.

baby dairy cow

Martin’s Act at 200 — Reflecting on the First Animal Welfare Law

The first animal welfare act in modern history had its flaws, but it also galvanized action.

vet for a day

Sentient Media Spotlight: Meet the Stars of Critter Fixers on Disney+

Dr. Terrence Ferguson and Dr. Vernard Hodges are the stars of the hit TV show, Critter Fixers. Their mission is to mentor the next generation of veterinarians.

Dutch farmer protest

What the Media Missed Covering Dutch Livestock Farmer Protests

News reports continue to omit Dutch agribusiness interests from protest coverage.

Lucy the Elephant

Animal Exploitation Industries Thwart Legal Progress — Here’s How

Happy the Elephant’s case shows how animal exploitation industries obstruct legal progress.


How This Canary Media Article Justifies Factory Farmed Chicken

A recent Canary Media story perpetuates the myth that exploiting animals is an acceptable and unavoidable part of life.

Red Barn Maryland

Sentient Media Podcast: The Need for A More Humane Food System With Vox Staff Writer Kenny Torrella

In this episode, Vox staff writer Kenny Torrella discusses celebrity fails, when plant-based food tastes bad, and what a perfect future might look like.

woman fruit

Plant-Based Foods Owe Recent Success to Global South

Plant-based foods owe much of their recent success to the Global South. Young people are embracing this rich culinary history as an instrument of change.

school lunch

The U.S. Needs to Reduce Its Food-Related Emissions. Cities Can—and Must—Lead the Way.

Reducing meat consumption is one of the most meaningful ways individuals can fight climate change. Experts say dietary changes at the local level are necessary to make a meaningful impact.


Why Gen Z Is Going Plant-Based Faster Than Older Generations

Research shows that Gen Z is shifting to plant-based diets faster than older generations to avoid climate disaster. Will it be enough?


Poultry Industry’s Response to Avian Flu Raises Red Flags

Safely disposing of the dead birds and implementing effective safety measures to prevent the next outbreak prove to be a significant challenge.


Happy the Elephant’s Case Offers Hope for Animal Rights

While Happy remains behind bars, the elephant’s legal team says the case represents a paradigm shift in the way humans grant legal rights to animals.

i film heroes

Sentient Media Spotlight: Cristian and Ariana Rubén of i Film Heroes

Check out the first interview from our new series, Sentient Media Spotlight, that celebrates people making a profound impact in their communities.


What This Guardian Article Got Wrong About Avian Flu

Sentient Media’s Associate Editor Claire Hamlett critiques the Guardian’s coverage of avian flu in an excerpt from our brand new, special-edition newsletter, The Correction.


Sixth Great Extinction Isn’t Getting the Attention It Deserves

The climate and biodiversity crises are equally important and entirely interconnected. But experts say the media isn’t giving biodiversity the attention it deserves.

jessica scott reid

Sentient Media Podcast: A Conversation With Advocate Journalist Jessica Scott-Reid

In this episode, award-winning journalist Jessica Scott-Reid discusses the challenges of reporting on farmed animals for mainstream media.


Most Publications Show Clear Bias When Reporting on Animals

Media bias goes far beyond the pages of newspapers and websites. It feeds a culture and legal system that allows animal suffering to go unnoticed.


These Big-Budget TV Shows Won’t Admit Where Your Meat Comes From

Studies show that television has the power to shape public opinion. But when it comes to meat production, many tip-toe around the issue.


Yearning for Utopia: A Review of Half Earth Socialism

The new book by Drew Pendergrass and Troy Vettese details a plan to save the future from extinction, climate change, and pandemics.