George Monbiot Debunks Russell Brand’s Far-right Farming Conspiracy Theories: The Correction

New Video: The Guardian columnist explains what’s actually behind the Dutch farmer protests and the truth about nitrate pollution as part of Sentient Media original series The Correction.

George Monbiot v Russell Brand

Perspective Correction

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In this special edition of Sentient Media The Correction series, George Monbiot — author, columnist for The Guardian, environmental campaigner and former investigative reporter for the BBC — debunks Russell Brand’s viral video against the Dutch government’s new law to reduce harmful nitrate pollution in livestock farming. 

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Watch the full conversation below or listen to it here as George Monbiot and Sentient Media Executive Director, Ana Bradley, discuss in detail the link between the far-right and farming and why conspiracy theories spread by influencers like Brand are so damaging.  

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