image of orcas underwater, Sentient Media podcast
The Truth About the Orca “Uprising” With Sarah DeWeerdt

​​In this podcast episode, Executive Director Ana Bradley interviews science journalist Sarah DeWeerdt about recent orca “uprisings.”

Image of Jennifer Jacquet, podcast transcript Sentient Media - octopus farming
How to Stop Octopus Farming with Dr. Jennifer Jacquet

Dr. Jacquet discusses the growing octopus farm industry, including the world’s first octopus factory farm proposed by Nueva Pescanova.

Moby Sentient Media Podcast
Moby on Punk Rock, Veganism and the Media

In this conversation, Moby—musician, songwriter, producer and animal rights activist—and Sentient Media’s founder, Mikko Järvenpää discuss punk rock’s tie to veganism, animal agriculture’s impact on the world around us, American media’s coverage of animals (or lack thereof) and Moby’s new film.

Leah Garces on Sentient Media podcast
Sentient Media Podcast: How Farmers Live Under the Thumb of Corporations with Leah Garcés 

President of Mercy for Animals, Leah Garcés, shares the truth about how farming works in the United States.

Nicholas Carter Sentient Media Podcast
Sentient Media Podcast: Nicholas Carter: The Facts About Food Production

From feeding cows seaweed to local vs imported food to regenerative agriculture, Nicholas Carter delivers the facts about the impact of how we eat and what we can do about it.

Sentient Media podcast Brian Kateman
Sentient Media Podcast: Celebrating Wins in Meat Reduction, with Brian Kateman

In this episode, Brian Kateman shares his thoughts on celebrating wins, why longtermism could actually be a bad idea for the future of life on earth and more.

Jasmin Singer
Sentient Media Podcast: Hope and Faith in Activism with Jasmin Singer

In this episode, Jasmin Singer shares her take on judgment, why reporting from the crossroads of various movements is so important and the role of faith and hope in activism.

Sentient Media Podcast with Monique Koch
Sentient Media Podcast: Progression Over Perfection with Monique Koch

In this episode, Monique Koch shares her story including her take on unlearning habits and beliefs and how the representation of vegans in the media has changed.

Sentient Media Podcast: No One Wants to Work in a Slaughterhouse, with Undercover Investigator Pete Paxton

In this episode, Pete Paxton shares his experiences working in illegal slaughterhouses, the complex moral battles undercover investigators face, the corrupt world of puppy mills and more.

Red Barn Maryland
Sentient Media Podcast: The Need for A More Humane Food System With Vox Staff Writer Kenny Torrella

In this episode, Vox staff writer Kenny Torrella discusses celebrity fails, when plant-based food tastes bad, and what a perfect future might look like.

jessica scott reid
Sentient Media Podcast: A Conversation With Advocate Journalist Jessica Scott-Reid

In this episode, award-winning journalist Jessica Scott-Reid discusses the challenges of reporting on farmed animals for mainstream media.

jenny splitter journalist
Sentient Media Podcast: Unlocking Curiosity With Journalist Jenny Splitter

In this episode, award-winning journalist Jenny Splitter shares her experiences reporting on everything from insect farming to optimism and manure.

Sentient Media Podcast: The Power of Blindness With Kathy Stevens

Catskill Animal Sanctuary co-founder Kathy Stevens and author of “Where the Blind Horse Sings” explains why animal sanctuaries have the power to change lives.

national cancer institute samples
Sentient Media Podcast: Dr. Aysha Akhtar on the End of Animal Testing

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Akhtar about her work building a world where animal testing is no longer the default.

Sentient Media Podcast: Christopher “Soul” Eubanks on TikTok, Social Justice, and New Narratives in Animal Advocacy

From TikTok to racism in animal advocacy, this episode of the Sentient Media Podcast explores the need for a new approach to end oppression for all.

Cheryl Leahy sitting in front of plant
Sentient Media Podcast: Cheryl Leahy Exposes the Truth About Pet Food, “Crush Videos,” and the Powerlessness of the Law

We sat down with Cheryl Leahy, Executive Director of Animal Outlook, to talk about the pet food industry, “crush videos,” and a new investigation.

chef aj
Sentient Media Podcast: Chef AJ and the Future of Food and Plant-Based Cooking

In this episode of the Sentient Media Podcast, we meet whole food plant-based Chef AJ to hear her thoughts on cultivated meat and the future of food.

Jo Anderson from Faunalytics
Sentient Media Podcast: Jo Anderson of Faunalytics Discusses Data, Veg*nism, and the Media

Sentient Media Executive Director, Ana Bradley, interviews Jo Anderson, Research Director of Faunalytics. They discuss the new Faunalytics report on going veg*n and the importance of research in advocacy.

damien mander
Sentient Media Podcast: Damien Mander on His Journey From Soldier to Animal Activist

We caught up with Damien Mander, founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, to talk about how reliance on the meat industry is hindering our ability to protect wild places.

yian li
Sentient Media Podcast: Jian Yi, Founder of the Good Food Fund

Sentient Media sat down with Jian Yi, founder of the Good Food Fund, a Chinese food sustainability and health NGO that promotes a plant-based diet.