Sentient Media Spotlight

This new interview series celebrates people making a profound impact in their communities. Sentient Media Spotlight is hosted by Grace Hussain.

Chris Eubanks Sentient Media Spotlight
Sentient Spotlight: Chris Eubanks

“Once we all realize that all of our oppressions are interlinked, all the movements will benefit”

Dr. Kwane
Project Street Vet’s Dr. Kwane Stewart

An interview with the veterinarian providing care to companion animals living with homeless residents across California.

House of Chick'n
Sentient Media Spotlight: House of Chick’n Founder Chris Burnam

Chris Burnam talks about developing the perfect vegan chick’n, being a conduit for food transitions and the importance of discussing Black veganism.

pig with oranges
Sentient Media Spotlight: Meet Farm Sanctuary’s Nirva Patel

“Meeting a cow or a sheep is just like meeting a new person…They may not be human, but you hear their stories and know they have the ability to suffer and create friendships.”

vet for a day
Sentient Media Spotlight: Meet the Stars of Critter Fixers on Disney+

Dr. Terrence Ferguson and Dr. Vernard Hodges are the stars of the hit TV show, Critter Fixers. Their mission is to mentor the next generation of veterinarians.

i film heroes
Sentient Media Spotlight: Cristian and Ariana Rubén of i Film Heroes

Check out the first interview from our new series, Sentient Media Spotlight, that celebrates people making a profound impact in their communities.