The Correction

George Monbiot v Russell Brand
George Monbiot Debunks Russell Brand’s Far-right Farming Conspiracy Theories: The Correction

New Video: The Guardian columnist explains what’s actually behind the Dutch farmer protests and the truth about nitrate pollution as part of Sentient Media original series The Correction.

Turkey Shortage
Media Gets Christmas Turkey Shortage All Wrong

In The Correction, Sentient Media editors critique how the media covers animals.

The Correction: Surf, Turf…Or Plants?

A recent article in Popular Science touts “sustainably-sourced seafood” without reporting on the massive damage caused by industrial fishing and aquaculture.

The Correction: How the Media Failed Freya the Walrus

In this month’s Correction, we look at the media’s coverage of Freya the Walrus and Alaskan snow crabs, plus the beef industry sponsors Climate Week NYC.

monkey testing
What This Mother Jones Story Got Wrong on Primate Testing

A recent Mother Jones story on the shortage of lab monkeys failed to ask questions about the ethics of animal testing.

How This Canary Media Article Justifies Factory Farmed Chicken

A recent Canary Media story perpetuates the myth that exploiting animals is an acceptable and unavoidable part of life.

What This Guardian Article Got Wrong About Avian Flu

Sentient Media’s Associate Editor Claire Hamlett critiques the Guardian’s coverage of avian flu in an excerpt from our brand new, special-edition newsletter, The Correction.