Beyond Burger Is Officially Better For the Planet; and Your 5-A-Day

It’s official, the Beyond Burger generates 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than U.S. beef. If that wasn’t good enough, the plant-based patty also requires 46% less non-renewable energy, 93% less land, and 99% less water than a beef burger does. [Forbes]

BTW. The Beyond Burger is outpacing one restaurant chain’s grass-fed burger by 40%.

  1. ❌ 468 pig carcasses were destroyed after an inspection at one of the UK’s leading pork processors. At three out of four plants, inspectors found meat contaminated with fecal matter in the same production area processing food for human consumption. [TBIJ]
  2. 👀 Up to 800,000 tons of fishing materials are abandoned or lost at sea annually. This is commonly called ghost gear, and it’s four times more likely to impact animals than all other types of marine litter. 136,000 whales, dolphins, seals, and turtles are entangled and killed every year. [World Animal Protection]
  3. 🐅 Some 8,000 tigers live on tiger farms in China, where they are harvested for their bones. To raise awareness about this critically endangered species, the largest collection of tiger photography in the world is on display in London. [Guardian]
  4. 🐙 “Hey, man! I thought we were all friends here?” Watch this sea kayaker get slapped by an octopus. [Mashable]
  5. 🤩 First, they came with vegan donuts. Now, IKEA is introducing the vegan hotdog. [VegNews]

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