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Urgent Need for Reporting on COVID-19

With the world hitting refresh on news feeds and going into lockdown, Sentient Media’s work is needed now more than ever.

plant-based diet

Plant-Based Diet: How Eating Well Can Keep You Young

A plant-based diet is a great way to improve your overall health and slow down the aging process. There are many different benefits to eating a plant-based diet including fighting off many preventable illnesses associated with consuming animal products.

vegan health benefits

Vegan Health Benefits You Won’t Believe You Can Achieve

The benefits of a vegan lifestyle are many and differ from person to person. However, many vegans just feel better overall. Whether that has to do with being healthier, happier, guilt-free, or a combination of those or other factors depends on the person.

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The Sentient Voter Card: How to Vote for Animals This November

Animal lives are at stake in the midterm elections. New legislation in California and Florida…