seafood vulnerable to climate change, image of person's hands holding oysters

Seafood Is Extremely Vulnerable to Climate Change, Study Finds

Over 90 percent of food harvested from marine and freshwater environments is at risk, challenging the idea that “blue food” is more sustainable.

Making the Climate Connection media analysis

93 Percent of Climate News Never Mentions Meat

A new study by Faunalytics and Sentient Media shows that animal agriculture is systematically underreported in climate media coverage.

How water intensive is animal farming?

How Much Water Does a Cow Need?

California may be out of its drought but millions of thirsty animals farmed in the west are still at risk. Just how much water does a cow drink anyway?

Farmed Shrimp

America’s Farmed Shrimp Habit Is Fueling Antibiotic Resistance

Much of the farmed shrimp eaten in the U.S. is raised in India, where antibiotic use is rampant and underreported.

wet market animal

Urgent Need for Reporting on COVID-19

With the world hitting refresh on news feeds and going into lockdown, Sentient Media’s work is needed now more than ever.

plant-based diet

Plant-Based Diet: How Eating Well Can Keep You Young

A plant-based diet is a great way to improve your overall health and slow down the aging process. There are many different benefits to eating a plant-based diet including fighting off many preventable illnesses associated with consuming animal products.

vegan health benefits

Vegan Health Benefits You Won’t Believe You Can Achieve

The benefits of a vegan lifestyle are many and differ from person to person. However, many vegans just feel better overall. Whether that has to do with being healthier, happier, guilt-free, or a combination of those or other factors depends on the person.

animal rights vote

The Sentient Voter Card: How to Vote for Animals This November

Animal lives are at stake in the midterm elections. New legislation in California and Florida…