Millions View Animal Welfare Campaign Video in Time Square

McDonald's Time Square

Since July, a campaign showing the suffering of factory farmed McDonald’s chickens displayed on a video board in Time Square. More than a million people passed by the animal welfare advertisement, supported in part by Mercy For Animals, every day. Their messaging falls directly in line with a survey they released earlier this summer. The survey says up to 78% of Americans believe companies need higher standards for animal welfare. Get on board, McDonald’s.


  1. 🤯 President Trump said he will “review” the new UN climate change report. Since taking office, Trump has undone numerous climate and environmental protections, including an ongoing attempt to downgrade threatened animal species and the promotion of unsustainable growth in the agricultural sector. Most notably, he pledged to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement. [The Hill]
  2. 💔 Bedford County’s animal control unit rarely sees the same staff come back year-to-year. Five workers left in the past year. The unit’s director says it’s because animal care workers suffer from Compassion Fatigue Syndrome, a condition often compared to PTSD. [WKRN]
  3. 👮‍♂️ Three citations for your pet’s bad behavior could bar pet owners from caring for another animal for up to three years. A San Marcos, CA city ordinance targets irresponsible pet owners under threat of impounding any animal found unrestrained and dangerous. [San Diego Union-Tribune]
  4. ✅ Compassion in World Farming just collected a million signatures in seven EU countries to end the practice of caging farm animals. Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and 140 organizations around the world support the European Citizens Initiative, which is now eligible for consideration by the European Commission. [France 24]
  5. 🌚 How do you get a bee to stop buzzing? Apparently, a total eclipse of the sun does the trick. [New York Times]