The Meat Lobby’s Version of Dietary Recommendations

meat lobby diet

Matt Brown/Flickr

A draft of the latest Dietary Recommendations for Americans said that it’s healthier to eat less red and processed meat. But when the meat lobby got the word, the claim miraculously disappeared from the document. [Bloomberg]

  1. 🤔 Data from the climate satellite California is planning to launch would help reduce emissions by 1,000 metric tons a year. The plan’s announcement at the Global Climate Action Summit was in direct response to threats from Pres. Trump to cut NASA’s Climate Monitoring System. However, there is currently no timeline or cost for the project. [Reuters]
  2. 🐴 Two advocates allegedly shared photos of horses injured or killed pulling carriages around a city that was not Chicago, even though they claimed that it was. Horse-drawn carriage operators are fighting back, claiming the animals are well cared for. [Chicago Tribune]
  3. 🥩 Did you know that pet food accounts for more than 25% of the meat consumed in the U.S.? Not if Tiny Farms has something to say about it. The San Francisco-based company is growing crickets to replace meat in pet food. [Atlantic]
  4. 🐘 40,000 elephants are killed every year, with only 400,000 left in Africa. Now, authorities are tracking elephant DNA through different shipments of ivory to help identify the dealer and put an end to the ivory trade. [NPR]
  5. 🐶 Dogs develop age-related diseases just like humans do. That makes them perfect research subjects. [Medium]