Vegan Meat Company Beyond Meat Nears IPO; and Your 5-A-Day

Beyond Meat

According to a source close to the company, Beyond Meat is almost ready for their IPO. This could represent the first public stock offering from one of many successful new plant-based food companies targeting meat eaters. Current investors include Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack and Suzy Welch, Kleiner Perkins, and Tyson Foods.


  1. 😷 Where do greenhouse gas emissions come from? Electricity (25%), agriculture (24%), manufacturing (21%), transportation (14%), and buildings (6%). What’s really surprising is that if cattle were a country, they would rank third in global greenhouse gas emissions. Frightening! [Gates Notes]
  2. 🐧 It’s official! 1.8 million square kilometers of the Antarctic Peninsula will be protected. The largest wildlife reserve in the world will soon be the home of all kinds of penguins, orcas, leopard seals, and blue whales. [Guardian]
  3. 😿 69% of veterinarians said they felt moderate to severe distress because they could not give animals the right care. “I want to make a plea to the pet-owning public to understand that, no matter what you think, odds are the person who’s trying to help you take care of your animal has pretty strong feelings about how important that is. And they feel it.” [NPR]
  4. 💔 Almost 9 out of 10 domestic abuse victims say that their companion animals suffer from abuse too. Most of the time, abuse means hitting the animal. Nearly half the time, abuse means refusing food. Shockingly, 15% of the time, abuse means killing the animal. [Faunalytics]
  5. 🌱 Remember this name: Yamei Kin, the Chinese doctor who brought tofu to the United States. [New York Times]

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