WeWork Bans Meat

WeWork’s meat ban could save 15,507,103 animals and 445 million pounds of CO2 emissions and by 2023. The company has removed meat not only from the menus at company events, but also banned expensing meals containing animal meat. [Guardian]

  1. Cell-grown beef startup Mosa Meats just received $8.8 million to bring their petri dishes to the masses. Bell Food Group, one of Europe’s biggest meat processors, and drug-maker Merck KGaA are backing the project. [Market Watch]
  2. The Food Standards Agency estimates that 88% of animals killed by halal methods (outlined in the Quran) are stunned first. But stunning doesn’t guarantee that the animal feels no pain. [Aeon
  3. Perdue is adding windows to all of their chicken houses and plans to reward farmers that stick to higher animal welfare standards. [Perdue]
  4. Spiders have hundred of tiny hairs called trichobothria on their feet that sense electrical current in the air and help them fly. [Atlantic]
  5. 95% of supermarket execs said they thought it was a strong claim for chicken meat products to be “cage-free,” but cages are not used to raise chickens for meat. [PR Newswire]