What the Most Polluted Places on Earth Look Like

Here’s what the most polluted places on Earth look like. About 12,000 years ago, the last ice age ended, and the world saw the birth of human civilization. But now, human activity is pushing the world into a new epoch. We don’t know what it will look like quite yet, but we do know that the oceans are getting warmer, the atmosphere is full of CO2, and we’re responsible. [Wired]

Your Five-A-Day

🙏 Good news—Florida’s red tide is moving east, away from the shore where shallow water makes the animals more vulnerable. The toxic algae bloom is responsible for the deaths of 16 dolphins, 140 sea turtles, and 241 fish in Manatee County alone. [ABC]

🌨 Volkswagen’s hail cannons may be causing a drought. The cannons send shock waves into the atmosphere to break up hail and protect new cars leaving the lot. But they’re changing local weather cycles, too. [Washington Post]

🐬 100,000 dolphins are killed for bait each year. Peru alone sees 15,000 dolphins caught and killed off its coast. [Animal Welfare Institute]

👏 Einstein Bros now serves vegan cream cheese. 43,000 signed the petition for a plant-based shmear, and the company answered. [Instagram]

🐋 Ever wanted to see a whale breach from up close? Like in-the-water-20-feet-away up close, right here. [Digg]