Animal Lovers: Unite!

animal abuse and factory farming

Animal lives are at stake in the midterm elections. New legislation in California and Florida takes into account nearly 20 million animals. While these two states are quickly becoming battlegrounds for animal lovers, hundreds of representatives across the country are standing up to protect animals.

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✊ 7 in 10 Americans agree that the factory farming of animals is one of the most important issues out there today. We talked to Vox about the animals on the ballot this November. Read up and go vote!


  1. 🧐 Two years ago, the USDA issued 192 animal welfare warnings to breeds, exhibitors, and research labs. So far this year, the department has issued just 39. [Washington Post]
  2. 🍳 The vegan JUST Egg Breakfast Patty will soon be available through food supplier Aramark. Corporate offices, hospital cafes, college dining halls—get ready to join the plant-based food revolution! [Business Wire]
  3. 🍆 What happens when you go from a some-plants diet to an all-plant diet? This may seem drastic, but it’s necessary. No one is eating enough fruits and vegetables. [Tonic]
  4. 🎣 At the 134-seat restaurant Zauo in New York City, diners fish for their dinner. Animal activists responded on cue, chanting “We see life! You see food!” [Eater]
  5. 💗 Seeing sad baby farm animals actually makes people less likely to eat them. That’s one point for compassion! [Mercy For Animals]