Organic Plant-Based Burgers Coming to Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh delivery

After selling over 1 million burgers in less than 60 days, Don Lee Farms’ Organic Plant-Based Burger is coming to Amazon Fresh (soon)! For now, you can find the so-called bleeding vegan burger in the frozen foods aisle at Costco, Whole Foods, and Walmart, and on the Amazon app. [Business Wire]

  1. 😳 Environmental group Waterkeeper Alliance captured aerial photos of the flooding in hog country. North Carolina’s Department of Agriculture already reported at least 3.4 million chickens and turkeys and 5,500 hogs dead. [Inside Climate News]
  2. 🐳 SeaWorld settled with the SEC for $5 million after misleading investors on the negative impact of Blackfish, a documentary criticizing the company’s treatment of orcas. SeaWorld continues to describe its reputation—not the animals—as its “most important asset.” [The Hill]
  3. 💉 Six animals suspiciously died after being administered anesthesia during research experiments at UC Irvine last year. The research is federally funded, and the animal rights group Stop Animal Exploitation Now is pushing the USDA to investigate. [LA Times]
  4. ✍️ 73 scientists wrote the governor of Wyoming asking him not to open grizzly hunting season and disrupt their attempt at rewilding the Yellowstone grizzly. What did he do? Gov. Matt Mead went ahead and issued 22 grizzly tags. [Outside]
  5. 😿 For all those animals left behind in the midst of disaster, this just breaks our hearts. [Mercy For Animals]