VIDEO: How Sweet Farm Helps Animals Rescued from Factory Farms

Join us as we visit Sweet Farm, an animal sanctuary located in Half Moon Bay, California, that is home to over 100 rescued animals.

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Some happier news on the animal front: Sweet Farm is a thriving animal sanctuary located in Himrod, New York (previously located in Half Moon Bay, California). The sanctuary is a happy home for over 100 animals rescued from such places as factory farms and live markets. Sweet Farm is also an innovative hub where visitors are educated on sustainability and agriculture and even have the opportunity to get their hands in the soil. 

Watch the video below—and be on the lookout for several Sentient Media team members!

The video introduces you to the co-founder of Sweet Farm, Nate Salpeter, who explains some of the sanctuary’s work and the many positive impacts that it has had. 

“This person just yesterday told me that they actually gave up beef and dairy because they met Magnolia [a miniature cow in their sanctuary],” says Salpeter. 

It’s clear that Sweet Farm is not only an enjoyable place to visit but also an ambitious agent of change that’s driven to “address issues across the entire food system.”

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