When Wildlife Conservation Kills

buffalo wildlife conservation

6,000 wild buffalo, horses, donkeys, and pigs were culled from Kakadu National Park, Australia in 24 days—in the name of wildlife conversation. They’re not the only ones trying to protect their native species by exterminating the invasive ones. Government officials in New Zealand pledged to kill all of the rats, stoats, and brushtail possums in the entire country by 2050. [Atlantic]

  1. 🤦‍♀️ WTF! Tammie Hedges saved the lives of 27 cats and dogs and now she is accused of mistreating them? Hedges turned her warehouse into an animal shelter during Hurrican Florence. But authorities say she practiced veterinary medicine without a license and are charging her with about a dozen misdemeanors. [Washington Post]
  2. 🌱 By 2050, food production needs to be increased by 50% to meet the needs of the world’s growing population. But first, the way we grow food needs to change. [BBC]
  3. 😳 Only 13% of people could identify their pets’ five basic requirements for leading happy, healthy lives. Another 5.2 million pet owners in the UK do zero research before buying cats and dogs. [Country Living]

  4. 🐩 Designer dogs may cost you an extra dollar or two, but sadly, the dogs themselves feel 99% of the pain. The more lavish the request, like teacup dogs bred from the runt of the litter, the more health problems the dogs tend to have later in life. [New York Post]
  5. ✋ A beluga whale is swimming 25 miles east of London and 1,500 miles from its natural habitat in the Arctic. Animals groups are urging the public and the media to give the animal space. [Guardian]