Big Meat Is Pro Clean Meat; and Your 5-A-Day

The largest meat lobby in America sees a future for clean meat. The North American Meat Institute and clean meat manufacturer Memphis Meats asked for more regulatory input from the FDA and USDA—specifically, what to call clean meat. They’re going with cell-based meat for now. [Food Navigator]

Do you know your state’s ag-gag laws? Check out the Sentient Media explainer here.

Your Five-A-Day

  1. 🌱 Low-carb vegans have a lower risk of dying early than low-carb dieters eating meat and dairy. The 15,000-person study found that plant-based fats and proteins really do help you live a long, healthy life. [Fast Company]
  2. 🚢 Warmer temperatures in the North Sea are opening up new shipping routes for Maersk, the world leader in container ships. Their biggest rival, Cosco, is already floating huge equipment like wind turbines through the Arctic to cut costs. [NPR]
  3. 🍈 Demand for humble Indian jackfruit is soaring—driving production of over 2 million tons this year. The fruit’s meaty texture makes it a popular animal meat substitute. [Hindu Business Line]
  4. Six activists face up to 10 years in federal prison after rescuing a pair of dying turkeys from a factory farm. Read one of the accused speak out. [EcoWatch]
  5. 👶 Vegan baby food company Raised Real shipped 200,000 meals since January. They cost $4.75 per plant-based plate. [Hollywood Reporter]

Matthew writes Sentient Today and is a reporter with Sentient Media.

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