How Much of the Planet Do Animals Need to Survive

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One-third of the oceans and land need to be protected by 2030 to avoid an extinction crisis. Barely 15% of land and less than 4% of the oceans are protected at the moment. While some areas are safeguarded on paper, they are under intense amounts of pressure from human activity. Humans and the livestock we raise now account for 96% of all mammals on Earth. [Metro]

  1. 👀 Farmers transport day-old chicks without food, rest, or water for up to three days, according to current regulations in Canada. Many are suspicious that other regulations protecting animals in transit are even being enforced after reporters uncovered massive inconsistencies in Canadian Food Inspection Agency records over the past two years. [The Globe and Mail]
  2. 🌾 In the past 30 years, the USDA raised yield projections for corn 14 times. In 10 of those years, corn got bigger, and it kept getting bigger. This year, they’re calling for record high crop yields for both corn and soy. [Farm Bureau]
  3. ✅ Berkeley, California, is the first U.S. city to embrace Meatless Mondays, a vegan-friendly measure aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of city events. Once a week, city workers will have the option to eat green! [ABC]
  4. 🏭 There are 53% fewer farms in the U.S. today than there were 40 years ago. Factory farms are pushing small farmers out of business and adding 9 billion confined animals and 400 types of toxic gases to the atmosphere every year. [PR Newswire]
  5. 🤝 Parrots know how to barter for better snacks? Just watch. [New York Times]