Sentient’s Most-Read Stories of 2023

Our most-read stories and biggest shout-outs from the year

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As my first full year with Sentient Media draws to a close, I want to recognize what our team of staff writers and freelance journalists have contributed.

In 2023, Sentient Media’s journalism and explainers were republished by a variety of publications, including Truthdig, the Good Men Project and WhoWhatWhy, as well as cited in outlets including The Guardian, Bon Appétit, Vox, The U.S. Sun, Grist and Heated, with an estimated aggregate reach of over 236 million readers per month.

Here are some of the most widely-read stories we published this year:


Veganism Is Not Anti-Indigenous

The Fascinating Plant-based History of the Diné People

The Backlash to Plant-Based Meat Is No Coincidence

Inside the Fight to Release the Orca Some Called Lolita


The Ugly, if Unsurprising, Truth About Collagen

The Blood of Pregnant Mares Literally Fuels Factory Farming

What Really Happened at the Kanaloa Octopus Farm

Here’s What Actually Happens to Male Calves After Irish Dairy Brands Like Kerrygold Are Done


The New Science the Plant-Based Industry Needs To Know

Meet the Economists Trying to Put a Price on Animal Suffering

Eating Meat Is Bad for Climate Change, and Here Are All the Studies That Prove It


4 Key Takeaways for Food Systems From the COP28 Climate Summit

7 Wildlife Species at Risk From the Willow Project

In India, Climate Change Is Devastating Animals and Farmers Alike

How Campus Cafeterias Became Hotspots for Climate Action

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