Smithfield to Shut Down World’s Largest Hog Plant; and Your 5-A-Day

Smithfield Foods/YouTube

Apparently, $400 million dollars is enough to get Smithfield to shut down their hog plant in North Carolina. After a series of lawsuits from nearby residents complaining about the awful smell coming from the plant’s uncovered waste pits, the company announced the closure of the largest processing facility in the world for the end of October. [Mercy For Animals]

  1. 🐶 It costs $160 to transport one animal out of Hurricane Florence’s path. Shelters are scrambling to move as many rescued animals inland as they can before the storm hits, and they’re staying open for adoption, just in case. [TIME]
  2. 🌱 One growing boy plus a plant-based burger a day equals? Clean protein. At least that’s the method behind Beyond Meats founder Ethan Brown’s madness. [BBC]
  3. No one knows how much of the ocean we fish. As one leading scientist so cleverly put it, “If only 4% of the ocean is fished, you should be able to make 96% of it into a marine protected area without anyone complaining. Good luck with that.” [Atlantic]
  4. 🚮 A garbage collector promises to remove 100,000 to 150,000 pounds of plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch in its first year afloat. But critics are more concerned with the animals the device might ensnare than the plastic it will pick up. [National Geographic]
  5. 😎 At one gas station in Miami, you can find a $15 jar of dairy-free yogurt, fancy nut butter, and collagen protein bars. Millenials asked for healthier snacks, and convenience store owners across the country are listening. [New York Times]

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