The Impossible Burger Is Possible, Says FDA

The FDA has no questions that the Impossible Burger is safe to eat. The meatless burger company responded to environmentalist groups sceptical of the meat’s genetically engineered additives with a 1,066-page report on the research that said the meat was safe to eat. [New Atlas]

  1. 70 billion animals are farmed for food per year, and more and more consumers want them to be treated well. That’s why Nestlé, Unilever, Ikea Food Services, and four other major food companies founded the Global Coalition for Animal Welfare to help set higher standards across the industry. [FoodBev]
  2. 46% of U.S. adults think the word milk shouldn’t be used to describe non-dairy products. Just last week, the FDA announced that almonds don’t lactate. [Morning Consult]
  3. A $12 billion government bailout will go to farmers hurting in the recent trade war. But they’re fighting back with millions in anti-tariff advertisements. [NPR]
  4. At three Canadian livestock auctions of 4,460 dairy cows being sold for slaughter, 73% could not walk straight. Another 27% had visible injuries ranging from lacerations to swelling larger than an inch. [Real Agriculture]
  5. The songs of 3,000 blackbirds are performed at a higher pitch in the city than in the forest. Urban blackbirds sing in the dead of night, too. [Guardian]