Animal Transport in the EU

28 different sets of animal welfare rules exist in the EU. But the second the animals are herded into containers and shipped across country lines, those rules become very hard to enforce. [Guardian]

  1. U.S. meat producers have 2.5 billion pounds of extra meat in cold storage, while another 1.4 billion pounds of cheese waits in surplus. Just look at the size of that cheese block. [Vox
  2. Only 13% of the world’s oceans remain untouched by humans.And just 5% of this 33.5-million-square-mile wilderness is protected. [The Outline]
  3. Children born under China’s one-child policy are expected to spend $7 billion on their dogs by 2022. Dog-friendly soothing oils cost 400 yuan (almost $60). [Washington Post]
  4. Humans influence 95% of all changes to the climate. Now the seasons are shifting in response to the most abundant mammal on the planet. [Bloomberg]
  5. Fishermen are losing nearly $1 billion in revenue to Trump’s trade tariffs. A bailout will be more expensive than the administration thought—to the tune of $39 billion. [U.S. Chamber of Commerce]