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In this course, you’ll learn everything from how to create a personal brand on social media to how to use platforms to create change in the animal protection movement.

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Whether you’re a social media pro or have just created your first handle, the newest course from Sentient Media’s Food & Farming Media Network, titled Social Media and Advocacy, will help you use social media to enhance your online activism.

In this course, you will learn skills ranging from creating a profile as an activist to planning and editing content that will keep your audience engaged. You’ll hear from guest speakers who will also provide resources and exercises.

Course Offering:

Part 1: Social Media 101: The Basics

  • Module 1: Setting Up a Twitter Account as an Activist Writer featuring Caroline Christen, staff writer at Sentient Media
  • Module 2: Creating an Activist Profile and Engaging Content on Facebook featuring Iga Woźniak, freelance blogger and social media specialist
  • Module 3: Creating Advocacy Groups on Facebook featuring Jamila Alfred, multi-media marketing director for Afro-Vegan Society

Part 2: Social Media Strategy and Community Building

  • Module 1: Social Media Strategy: A Complete Guide featuring Joshua Entis, former Digital Marketing Coordinator of Animal Save Movement
  • Module 2: Becoming a Social Media Influencer featuring Shauna Hollinger, CEO of VOI (Vegans of Influence) Agency
  • Module 3: Vegan FTA: How To Build a Growing and Engaged Community featuring Jackie Norman and Gareth Scurr of Vegan FTA
  • Module 4: Building an Online Community on Social Media and Beyond featuring Taylor Meek, community manager at Sentient Media

Part 3: Storytelling and Content Creation

  • Module 1: How To Make Short-Form Videos That People Watch, Enjoy and Share with Ryuji Chua, filmmaker and content creator
  • Module 2: Faunalytics Explains: Using Graphic Images in Advocacy
  • Module 3: Creating Quality Infographics on Canva featuring Ramon Quintero, graphic designer and content creator for Canva

Part 4: How to Create Successful Social Media Campaigns

  • Module 1: Creating Campaigns on YouTube featuring Jamila Alfred
  • Module 2: How to Run an Effective Social Media Campaign with Shannon Nickerson, communications and development manager at Animal Justice
  • Module 3: Social Media Campaign Tips for Organizations and Individuals with Jeremy Kocian, global marketing director for Generation Vegan
  • Module 4:Running Successful Paid Campaigns featuring Brian Platt, digital marketing manager of Mercy for Animals

Part 5: Best Social Media Practices for Writers

  • Module 1: How To Use Twitter as a Freelance Writer
  • Module 2: Best Strategies To Counter Misinformation on Twitter
  • Module 3: Repurposing Content on Social Media with Christopher “Soul” Eubanks, founder of APEX Advocacy
  • Module 4: Sentient Sessions: You’re Published, Now What? featuring influencers and personal brand experts Jasmine Leyva, Neil Patel and John Oberg

How to Sign Up

To sign up for the Social Media and Advocacy course, apply to join our Food & Farming Media Network here.

When you join our Food & Farming Media Network, you’ll gain access to an online community of like-minded journalists and freelancers to help you grow as a writer. In addition to this course, you’ll also gain access to special events, monthly mixers, mentoring, an exclusive newsletter packed with new writing opportunities and much more.

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