More than 300,000 Crate-Free Pigs Raised in Three Years

pig farm humane

Affran Moffat/Flickr

DuBreton, a farming operation providing Certified Humane and organic pork to millions of people around the world, invested $40 million into establishing more humane farming practices since 2015. The network of more than 300 family farms has now raised 340,000 pigs without the use of crates. DuBreton’s welfare initiative represents one of the largest goals ever set by the animal agriculture industry and provides customers with the opportunity to support the humane treatment of animals with their everyday purchases.

Plus, what’s happening to the animals at this In-N-Out supplier? We’ve got you covered.


  1. 😰 Three global bleaching events have taken place in the world’s oceans since 1998. Bleaching occurs when water temperatures rise more than two degrees above normal. By the end of June this past year, one-third of shallow water coral in the Great Barrier Reef were bleached. This wipes out their source of food and kills them. Further north, up to three-quarters of coral were dead. [New Yorker]
  2. 1,800 threatened plants, animals, and ecosystems in Australia lack proper monitoring and conservation systems. Deforestation is rampant, with 3,000-square-miles of forest cleared over the past five years. Experts say the country needs a threatened species ambassador. [Guardian]
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