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The Month in a Minute: August 2023

August’s top stories in agriculture, climate and food in 60 seconds

pig confined on farm, EATS Act threatens state laws

8 Key Laws Under Threat From the EATS Act

The new bill represents the single biggest challenge to animal welfare laws, but food safety and honey bee protections are also at risk.

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The Month in a Minute: July 2023

July’s top stories in agriculture, climate and food in 60 seconds.

avian flu

Avian Flu: Sentient Media’s Latest Stories

Avian flu poses an increasing risk to humans. Here’s what we know, and a link to all of our coverage.

month in a minute news recap website collage

The Month in a Minute: June 2023

June’s top stories in agriculture, climate and food in 60 seconds

clownfish, what is queer ecology

How Queer Ecology Disrupts the Study of Animals and Nature

Myriad examples of queer animals exist, from homosexual mountain goats to gender-bending clownfish to asexual snakes.

Making the Climate Connection media analysis

93 Percent of Climate News Never Mentions Meat

A new study by Faunalytics and Sentient Media shows that animal agriculture is systematically underreported in climate media coverage.

MIAM January

Food and Farming Climate Media Toolkit

We’ve compiled some of our most frequently used research and analysis in this food-climate reporting toolkit.

Month in a Minute: May 2023

The Month in a Minute: May 2023

May’s top stories in agriculture, climate and our food system in 60 seconds.

Flexitarianism On the Rise

Flexitarianism Is Rising — Along With Demand for Chicken

A new survey finds 11 percent of Americans identify as flexitarian — with more than a quarter eating more plants but also more chicken.

The Month in a Minute: April 2023

The Month in a Minute: April 2023

April’s top stories in agriculture, climate and our food system in 60 seconds.

Are plant-based burgers healthy?

Are Plant-Based Burgers Healthy?

Are plant-based burgers healthy? Debates about processed and ultra-processed foods have made this more complicated than it needs to be.

How opting out of meat can restore mauri or life essence

How Opting Out of Meat Can Restore Mauri – Life Essence – in Aotearoa  

Grass-roots activists and larger Māori organizations are working to introduce and restore “te ao Māori” at a national government level.

Bison as beings of decolonization

How the Bison Became a Being of Decolonization 

Tens of millions of bison once roamed North America until ranchers decimated their numbers. But today, Indigenous-led projects are restoring the bison and their ecosystems.

what is carbon neutral?

What Is Carbon Neutral Milk?

Milk and meat brands are turning to climate labels like “carbon neutral” and “net zero” to boost sales. But what do these terms actually mean?

Why Cedar the Goat Had to Be Killed

Why Cedar the Goat Had To Be Killed

When a 9-year-old tried to pull her goat from auction, Shasta County fair officials insisted the animal be killed to teach her a lesson about meat.

How wild animals sequester carbon

Want to Sequester Carbon? Save Wild Animals

Gray wolves, elephants, wildebeests and sea otters are a few of the species that can help sequester carbon and mitigate global warming.

Sentient Media's March Month in a Minute

The Month in a Minute: March 2023

Media recap of the top stories in agriculture, climate, science and justice in 60 seconds.

IPCC report food system

IPCC: Slashing Emissions From Meat Crucial to Climate Action

A trio of new reports — including the IPCC’s latest — makes clear that food system reform is a crucial part of climate action.

wildlife wins from infrastructure bill

Wildlife Wins From Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Act

A bounty of much-needed new federal funds will help reconnect habit for freshwater and terrestrial animals.

Fish pass the mirror test, according to science

Fish Pass the Mirror Test. Here’s What That Means.

A new study finds fish can recognize their own reflection and distinguish themselves from other fish.

freshwater fish are a source of PFAS contaminants

Freshwater Fish Are a ‘Significant Source’ of Forever Chemicals

New research finds significantly higher levels of PFAS in locally caught freshwater fish than store-bought fish.

avian flu cases in humans

Every Human Case of Avian Flu Reported So Far

Human cases remain rare but the risk of an outbreak could change at any time.

fish feel pain

Wild Fish Feel Pain — But They Have No Welfare Protections

Commercial fishing methods are not designed for a quick or painless death.

pandemic risk

Pandemic Risk on the Rise Thanks to How We Eat

Pandemic risk is on the rise, but researchers know the cause and how to reduce the risk.

The Year in Food and Farming News: 2022 Supercut

Watch The Month in Minute media recap here.

The Month in a Minute: December 2022

Media recap of the top stories in agriculture, climate, science and justice in 60 seconds.

2022 Sentient Media Year in Review

Sentient Media’s 2022 Year in Review

Top posts from 2022 and more.

Eurasian brown bear

New Research Finds E.U. Policies Fund Beef and Bioenergy Over Nature

Two new reports find E.U. policies are failing to protect climate and biodiversity.

global bird declines

Rapid Bird Species Decline Boosts Case for Biodiversity Action

New wildlife report reveals 49 percent of bird species are decreasing.

Plant Based Price Parity

Don’t Count Plant-based Meat Out Just Yet

The plant-based industry skeptics are ignoring a crucial factor: price parity.

MIAM November

The Month in a Minute: November 2022

Media recap of the top stories in agriculture, climate, science and justice in 60 seconds.

Why Shark Fin Soup

Why Shark Fin Soup Is Still Served at Weddings

Shark finning is bad for animals and the environment yet the dish is still sometimes on the menu.

low methane beef misleads consumers

Why You Shouldn’t Buy “Low Methane Beef”

Meat companies are greenwashing beef with a “low methane” rebrand.

avian flu cull

Poultry Producers Use ‘Most Inhumane Method’ to Kill Birds Exposed to Avian Flu

New analysis from the Animal Welfare Institute found that the majority of producers chose to kill their animals using ventilation shutdown plus heat.

farmed animals in drought

Factory Farms Are Destroying This Natural Resource

Bolivia’s growing factory farm industry is putting the Chiquitano Forest at risk.

Should animal groups serve meat

Should Animal Protection Groups Serve Meat?

What we eat — even at galas and special events — has an impact on the planet and animals.

MIAM October

The Month in a Minute: October 2022

In Sentient Media’s monthly video series, host Jasmine Leyva shares the top stories in food, animals and the environment in 60 seconds.

future of animal activism

Two Recent Court Cases Shift the Future of the Animal Rights Movement

The Smithfield and Excelsior trials ended with very different decisions that could impact the future of the movement.

Bangladesh family

Why Fish Are Disappearing in Bangladesh

There were once more than 300 native freshwater fish species in Bangladesh, but many have disappeared or are on the verge of extinction.

Latin America and the Caribbean Must Reduce Beef Emissions To Meet Net-zero, New Report Says

A new report shows countries in the region must reduce their beef consumption in order to meet climate targets.


Elephants Thrive in Sanctuaries Over Zoos, Research Shows

An increasing number of zoos across the world are allowing their elephants to retire to sanctuaries.

algae bloom

Danger Looms Where Toxic Algae Blooms

Animal agriculture is the primary source of nutrient pollution to Great Lakes waters. Yet billions spent on clean up strategies aren’t working.


The Correction: How the Media Failed Freya the Walrus

In this month’s Correction, we look at the media’s coverage of Freya the Walrus and Alaskan snow crabs, plus the beef industry sponsors Climate Week NYC.

farmed animals in drought

Millions of Factory Farm Animals Are Living in Drought. Here’s What That Looks Like.

“We’re in an apocalyptic phase for animals in CAFOs.”

dairy cow

New Study Shows Canadians Should Eat Less Meat and Dairy to Reach Climate Goals

New research shows Canadians can reach their climate goals by reducing meat and dairy consumption.


Avian Flu Could Hit Latin America Next, Shorebird Researchers Warn

The avian influenza is a growing source of concern for Latin American researchers, since its high pathogenicity represents a risk of infection for migratory shorebirds.

sanctuary cow

New Study Confirms — Again — Plant-Based Is Better for the Planet

University of Oxford researchers examined 57,000 foods and deemed plant-based options better for the environment than meat.

ocean life

Overfishing Urgently Needs Reeling in to Cope With Climate Change

Researchers say officials must do more to curb overfishing, including curtailing industrial fishing to protect marine life.

shopping cart

The Month in a Minute: June 2022

In Sentient Media’s monthly video series, host Jasmine Leyva shares the top stories in food, animals, and the environment in 60 seconds.