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Climate Change Could Give Rise to Next Global Pandemic

A new study finds that as climate change pushes wildlife into closer contact with humans, zoonotic diseases will be able to spread more easily.

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Climate Crisis Not Always the Top Concern for People Choosing Plant-Based Meat

A new study concludes that animal welfare and health considerations both influenced consumer decisions. Surprisingly, the environment did not.

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Report Ties Smithfield Pig Farms to Decades of ‘Chronic’ Pollution

“This is what happens when you try to put too many animals in the same place,” says the report’s author, who lives next door to one of the pig farms.

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The Month in a Minute: April 2022

The top stories in food, animals, and the environment in 60 seconds.

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Cultivated Meat Gains Ground in Hyper-Competitive Industry

Cultivated meat is attracting a lot of new attention. But experts question whether the new technology will truly make our food systems more sustainable.

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Meat Industry Relies on ‘Powerful Voice’ to Cover Up Climate Impact

A first-of-a-kind study looked into the UK meat industry. It found that the industry relies on misinformation to cover up its harmful impacts.

killer whale

The Biggest Threats Facing Killer Whales in Pacific Northwest

Researcher Deborah Giles is on the frontlines of efforts to understand—and help protect—critically endangered Southern Residents.

sustainable farming

How This Traditional Farming Practice Became a Top Climate Solution

The latest IPCC report states in its strongest terms yet the need for action to reduce emissions, and one of the key strategies it outlines for policymakers is agroecology.

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Antibiotic Residue Found in Antibiotic-Free Meat at Whole Foods

A new study reveals that meat certified to be antibiotic-free was, in fact, raised with antibiotics. Another study found that organic farms were also not antibiotic-free.

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‘It’s Now or Never’: IPCC Report Demands Immediate Climate Action

The landmark report states that we can halve emissions by the year 2030, but to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we must act immediately.

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Choosing Plant-Based Foods Could Have Lasting Impact on Biodiversity

A new report from the Food Foundation shows that choosing plant-based foods in place of conventional meat products could have far-reaching impacts on nature.

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The Month in a Minute: March 2022

Our monthly recap of the top stories about animals, agriculture, and the environment.

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Most Factory Farms Have ‘Free Pass’ to Pollute the Environment

Emissions from factory farms in the U.S. cause more deaths than coal-fired plants. And yet, factory farming is one of the least regulated industries by the EPA.

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Researchers Find Endangered Shark DNA in Dog and Cat Food

A new study found shark DNA in about one-third of the cat and dog food samples sequenced. Consumers likely had no idea what they were buying.

salmon farm

New Study Shows How ‘Inefficient and Inequitable’ Food Systems Can Be

A new study reveals that millions of tons of fish caught in the global south are being fed to farmed salmon sold for human consumption in wealthier countries.

Climate Crisis Unfolding Faster Than We Can Adapt, Says IPCC

The latest UN report details the escalating impacts of climate change, which are being driven by “unsustainable” consumption patterns in the Global North.


The Month in a Minute: February 2022

Our monthly recap of the biggest stories in animals, food, the environment, and justice delivered to you in just one minute.

Cattle being washed before slaughter

Big Meat and Dairy Producers Tighten Their Grip on the Amazon

A new investigation finds that deforestation of the Amazon for soy farming has continued despite a moratorium. Big meat and dairy companies are largely to blame.

wind power mills

Biden’s $1-Billion Bid to Make U.S. Farming More Sustainable

The U.S. food system is dominated by intensive agriculture. What would a more sustainable one look like? Biden just took a big step in the right direction.

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The Month in a Minute: January 2022

Introducing brand new video series: The Month in a Minute. From avian flu to greenwashing, revisit January’s top stories delivered to you in one minute.

Just 17 Plants Slaughtered 65% of U.S. Pigs Last Year

The number of hogs slaughtered dropped in the first few months of the pandemic before recovering to match—and in some cases exceed—2019 levels.

USDA Releases Years of Slaughterhouse Records Following Lawsuit

New records released by the USDA reveal the handling of farmed animals in slaughterhouses over the past five years. This marks a major step towards transparency in the food supply chain.

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Sentient Media 2021 Year in Review: Wins, Losses, and the Road Ahead

This year, we continued our mission to create transparency around the use of animals in our daily lives⁠—from food to companionship to laboratory test subjects.

Why Some Food Labels Are More Trustworthy Than Others

At a small, family-run dairy farm near Bath, England, cows are suffering. You wouldn’t know that by looking at the label, though. In fact, you might think the opposite.

crushed plastic bottle on the grass

Can We Turn Plastic Waste Into Edible Protein?

A team of scientists has developed a surprisingly simple process to convert plastic waste into edible protein. The applications could be revolutionary.

tree in the middle of a deforested land

New Film Puts Environmental Impact of Animal Agriculture Center Stage

The environmental impact of animal agriculture is hard to ignore. “Eating Our Way To Extinction,” a new documentary narrated by Kate Winslet, shows us why.

Pre Summit of the United Nations Food System Summit 2021

UN Food Systems Summit Kicks Off Amid Controversy

With the much-anticipated Summit underway, the UN now faces the difficult task of reconciling its support for the meat and dairy industry with its own development goals.

Rising Meat Production Could Put UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Out of Reach

New report illustrates how political inaction continues to enable the expansion of large-scale meat and dairy companies despite the sectors’ climate and health impacts.

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Aquatic Animal Welfare Is Important Part of Fight for Sustainability

New report released by the Aquatic Life Institute underscores the importance of aquatic animal welfare in achieving global sustainable development goals.

Most Farm Subsidies Are “Harmful” to People and the Planet, Says UN

The agricultural sector receives around $540 billion in support each year. But according to a new UN report, this funding comes at a significant cost to the environment and human health.

Will McDonald’s Ever Stop Expanding?

McDonald’s has around 1,300 restaurants in the UK alone, serving three million beef patties to 3.5 million customers daily. Unfortunately, it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

sea turtle near the sea surface

Consumers Play Critical Role in Protecting the Oceans

Over 20 ocean conservation and animal welfare organizations have signed an open letter urging consumers to focus on improving aquatic animal welfare and preserving marine ecosystems.

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Scientists Call for Solving Climate and Biodiversity Crises Together

A new report highlights the importance of confronting climate change and biodiversity loss together. Solutions that take both issues into account have the best chance of success.

Air Pollution From Factory Farms Is Killing Us

A new study has revealed that air pollution from factory farms causes more than 12,000 deaths every year and disproportionately affects low-income areas and communities of color.

The Hidden Cost of Italy’s Meat Industry

Every year in Italy, nearly 600 million animals are killed and sold as 2.6 million tons of meat. But there’s a catch: all of the industry’s profits cannot even begin to cover its costs.

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Dietary Changes Needed to Prevent Future Pandemics and Biodiversity Loss

A new UN-backed report is calling for the rapid transition away from intensive animal agriculture, fearing it could lead to massive biodiversity loss and the next pandemic.

Buying Meat? Don’t Believe What You Read on the Label

By not being upfront with consumers, labeling systems are making the industry seem like it is doing more than it actually is to improve animal welfare.

Culivated fish dish

Fish Without the Catch: Seafood Alternatives Are on the Rise

Innovative approaches to alternative seafood—like “fishless filets” and “crabless cakes”—could mitigate many of the environmental challenges presented by the modern fishing industry.

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Our Food Systems Are Complicated. Food Data Doesn’t Have to Be.

Researchers made a “Google Maps” for global food systems. Could it help us tackle food’s thorniest problems?

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No, 100 Companies Are Not Responsible for 71% of Emissions

Variations on a meme claiming that 100 companies are responsible for 71 percent of greenhouse gas emissions have become ubiquitous on the internet. The problem is, they may not be true.

The Quiet Power of Farmed Animal Sanctuaries

Unique connections are made at farmed animal sanctuaries, and a new study shows that they have the power to inspire real change in their visitors.

chick broiler worker

Would Slower Growth Make Life Better for Farmed Chickens?

Animal advocates criticize the painful effects of rapid growth in chickens. But poultry producers often draw attention away from the issue, touting new innovations in their breeding methods and general welfare improvements. Is slower growth really better for birds?

chickens factory farm

New Study Confirms Inhumane Breeding of Broiler Chickens

A new study released in September by the University of Guelph, Ontario, shows decisively that this genetic manipulation comes at a great physical cost to the birds.

activist north carolina

Bringing Big Ag’s Right to Harm to the U.S. Supreme Court

Two couples in rural Indiana worked for decades to build the American dream—and then watched it slip away to a massive pig farm. They refuse to give up.

Letter From Our Founder

Sentient Media was founded to help bring animal welfare and animal rights issues into the mainstream.

biden campaign iowa

In a Year of Climate Reckoning, Where Does Joe Biden Stand on Climate and Agriculture?

Fires rage in the West as storms, hurricanes, and floods hit the rest of the country. Progressives are pushing Biden to transform the food system and manage and mitigate the effects of the climate crisis.

shark sentient animal

Friend in Sea: Port Jackson Sharks are Smarter Than You Think

Sharks are magnificent creatures. But due to the animal’s menacing depiction in movies and on the news, most humans overlook their complex nature.

cow calf farm

2019 Year in Review: Informing, Inspiring, and Empowering the Farmed Animal Movement

As we say goodbye to 2019, we’d like to share our successes and thank you for your continued support on our mission to increase the public awareness around farmed animal issues.

Reports Challenge Meat Industry Expansion Claims

Meat industry forecasts of rising demand are being challenged by new reports that see the future of animal-derived proteins as limited to bleak.

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Animal Agriculture Severely Under-Reported in Climate Coverage

Reporting of meat production’s and animal agriculture’s roles in the climate crisis has risen in last two years. It might still not be enough.