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The Climate Crisis Secret

Livestock is a major contributor to climate change. But in the scientific community, there’s a surprising lack of consensus around just how much livestock production is adding to the problem. Environmental researcher Nicholas Carter makes the case for a new approach.

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Eat Less Meat to Save the Planet, Says UN Report

A quarter of global emissions come from food. More than half (58%) of food emissions come from animal products. United Nations’ report on action against the climate crisis is clear – but do the recommendations go far enough?

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How Many Vegans Are There Really in the U.S.?

It’s a controversial question. So we put together a comprehensive timeline tracking 24 surveys of vegans over the past 25 years.

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99% of U.S. Farmed Animals Live on Factory Farms

The idea of factory-farmed meat makes most people feel uncomfortable, so they justify eating animals by claiming their food was produced ethically–not on a factory farm. The majority of them are wrong.

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Ditching Beef for Chicken and Fish May Cause More Harm Than Good

Environmentally friendly consumers are trading out red meat, which is notoriously high in greenhouse gas emissions, for chicken and fish. They should think twice.

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The World’s Largest Fast Food Companies Are Failing Chickens

Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals A new report from World Animal Protection identifies the cruel mistreatment of chickens by suppliers to eight of the world’s largest fast food companies.

It Was a Record Year for Vegans. Why Are We Still Eating So Much Meat?

Peak meat is a frighteningly high point for the meat industry and a frighteningly low one for vegans. This too will pass. Change starts today. Choose not to eat meat and more importantly, choose to tell someone why they should too.

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Nearly Half of Poultry Slaughterhouses Fail USDA Salmonella Inspections

Hundreds of USDA-inspected chicken and turkey slaughterhouses failed federal Salmonella performance standards, according to a…

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Call It Pig or Pork: People Still Want to Eat Bacon

Faunalytics asked, and U.S. consumers answered. Research shows that even if you trade indirect terms…

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Vegans Are Changing Restaurant Menus Around the World

It’s World Vegan Day! This year, the number of people who call themselves vegans tripled,…

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Vegans Are 15% Less Likely to Get Cancer

New research found that being vegetarian or vegan significantly lowers the risk of heart disease…

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65% of Earth Is Unexplored

The extent of human impact on these underwater ecosystems is impressive. Still, we’ve only mapped 5 percent of the world’s seafloor in any detail. Excluding dry land, that leaves about 65 percent of the Earth unexplored.